Where is G-d?

Where is G-d?

Where is G‑d?
Is He really there?
It sure looks like
He's not anywhere.

First I looked in the sky.
Couldn't see G‑d up there.
Hurried past an old lady,
On her folding chair.

I looked behind bushes -
Never follow your nose!
In one bush it got poked
By the thorn on a rose!

I felt kind of silly -
But I wanted to know.
How can I believe
In a G‑d who won't show?

A manhole was uncovered,
So I took a peek.
Didn't think I'd find G‑d -
But this was Hide-and-Seek!

I turned over some rocks,
And I climbed up two trees,
But I scurried down one
When I met up with bees!

Found three birds in a nest,
Eating worms with their toes!
It did not look like G‑d -
But that's how it goes!

I looked down at an anthill.
I looked through a hose.
I looked in a mailbox -
Well, one never knows...

"What you looking for, sonny?
Can I give you a hand?"
THE OLD LADY! - I jumped!
She'd never understand.

"I'm just looking..." I mumbled,
And tried hard to smile.
"I'm not busy," she said,
"Can I join you awhile?"

"You know what, little fellow?
You remind me - you do -
Way back when I was young,
I looked for G‑d, like you.”

But, how did she know?
How much had she seen?
“Where is G‑d?” I asked.
She whispered: “In between!”

“G‑d hides in the grass,
Within each tiny blade.
He hides under rocks,
In the coolness of shade.”

“G‑d hides inside things
That everyone sees.
You can even find G‑d
While you're climbing trees!"

"G‑d gets down with the ant.
Did you think that G‑d can't!
In each bee full of zest -
In each bird in his nest.“

“This whole world's filled with G‑d -
Seen with wide-open eyes.
G‑d is out here right now,
Tucked within His disguise!”

"You'd already found G‑d
By yourself here today.
Right on your own block -
G‑d doesn't live far away!”

Now I know where G‑d hides.
Up and down every street!
How I thanked my new friend -
It was so great to meet!

Do you know where G‑d is?
I think you do.
And now that you know -
You can find G‑d too!

Bracha Goetz is the Harvard-educated author of several children’s books, including Remarkable Park, What Do You See in Your Neighborhood? and The Invisible Book. You can contact Bracha for presentations or questions here.
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Bracha Goetz Baltimore November 9, 2017

Good thinking, Captain America! Reply

Captian America Dallas, TX, USA November 10, 2017
in response to Bracha Goetz:

Sure thing...I'm still trying to prove to myself G-d is real. My mom says G-d just won't send fire down from Heaven, so there's that idea gone. Reply

Captian America Dallas, TX, USA November 8, 2017

It's a good question to consider if G-d is real. I've been pondering this question lately myself, and been doing reserch. (I don't know how to spell reserch!) This poem added to my thoughts. I mean, can we live without G-d? I'll be doing some thinking now! Reply

Bracha Goetz Baltimore October 30, 2017

Level ב U.L.Y.O.P.,

Thank you so much for really getting - and expressing - the point of each of my stories! Reply

Level ב U.L.Y.O.P. Brooklyn, NY October 30, 2017

We really liked this story, it brings out the point that Hashem is everywhere even though we can not see him. Reply

Bracha Goetz Baltimore August 3, 2017

Whenever they would like me to! :) Thanks for asking! Reply

John Boyega The set of Star Wars August 11, 2017
in response to Bracha Goetz:

LOL Reply

John Boyega The set of Star Wars July 22, 2017

Bracha, when are you going to put a new story on this website? Reply

Rey The Resistance December 28, 2016

AWESOME Bracha Goez, thank you so much! I'd like to encourage you to make a whole book about this stuff!! Good luck! Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order April 8, 2017
in response to Rey:

Hold on a minute Rey...Bracha, do you HAVE a book online or in stores? Reply

Bracha Goetz Baltimore April 13, 2017
in response to Kylo Ren:

Bracha's Books :) Yup! Thanks for asking! You can find my books in Jewish bookstores and on the Bracha Goetz Amazon Author Page. :) Reply

Morah Ann Krauser October 30, 2014

I will definitly order your book! My students did indeed love your poem and asked me to read it again! Thank you again Reply

Bracha Goetz Baltimore October 19, 2014

Thank you so much for your comment, Ann! You also may want to read my book, The Invisible Book to your class. It helps explain how we can believe in God since God is invisible. Reply

Ann Krauser Montclair, Nj October 17, 2014

Thank you for this terrific poem! My dalet class will be talking about "How Do We Really Know there Is A God?" this week. I plan to read your poem with them outdoors. We will be writing poetry and prose this year. Thank you for the inspiration. I am sure they will want to read and reread your poem!!
Morah Ann Krauser
Bnai Keshet, Montclair, NJ Reply

Mrs. Jessica Wilkins July 28, 2012

amazing i just love this.. so did my babies Reply

Bracha Goetz Baltimore , MD January 20, 2009

poetry! Thank you SO much for your wonderful poem, M.H., and your beautiful comments!

This poem is not yet a book, but with G-d's help, coupled with your wonderful encouragement to me - maybe it will be!

You can, however, check out the delightful illustrations done by Patti Argoff in my newest picture book, The Invisible Book, which you can find in Jewish bookstores, and online at eichlers.com and other websites. It's a book about why it makes sense to believe in G-d!

Also, I love going all over to do presentations of my children's books at schools and JCC's and I also have programs for women and teens about happiness skills, based on my children's book, The Happiness Box - and programs I give in shuls about my path to becoming frum called, "Meeting G-d at Harvard,"
so if you would like me to come to North Miami Beach, I would love it!

Thank you again for your beautiful encouragement - and your love for poetry! May you be blessed to continue to spread your special light! Reply

M.H. Yerushelayim/North Miami Beach, Israel/Florida January 20, 2009

poetry! I love poetry! (oops, I tell my students and my children you should love Hashem, His Torah, and your fellow Jew--and everything else you should "like.")
So, I like poetry, and I'm looking for the illustrations that go with your wonderful poem here. I work in the library at a Chabad elementary school--and the kids want to see the pictures! Is this poem published in a book somewhere? Or are you planning to publish it? I know it's so hard to write poetry for children (especially poems with "real" content) that isn't silly or "forced" (like the rhymes don't quite fit..) but this hit the spot!

I like reading poems
they dance and they skip
A poem can take you
on a wonderful trip

A poem has music
inside of each line
when you sing it so softly
you'll flow with the rhyme

I'm telling you, Bracha
in "A-B-C-B" style
You're work is appealing
your "song" made me smile!

(...and that's after only 2 cups of coffee!) Reply