Joey: Light Up Right!

Joey: Light Up Right!

Art by Paul Mary Fricke.
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Kylo Ren The First Order August 27, 2017

I get the joke, but it's not funny. Reply

Anonymous Monsey July 4, 2017

Oh now I get the joke Anonymous. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA July 28, 2016

COOL! I love Chanukah! They should make more of these comics! Reply

Eli Thornhill, ON via February 11, 2014

the talking candle Why is it talking? Reply

mushka druk cancun September 1, 2013

hey I didn't get the joke either Reply

shaina bracha weiss new york January 29, 2013

i wish that hap-ind to me!!!!! Reply

Anonymous new york November 13, 2012

Love it I loved it so much! Reply

Judy Hashmonaim, Israel November 30, 2010

thanks use it for my English lesson tomorrow, I teach somewhere in the Shomron Reply

nim c June 28, 2010

haha vary funy Reply

Josiah Tan Bukit Timah Road April 20, 2010

Story Joke The candle said o'il see you next year, he meant i'll see you next year Reply

Anonymous via April 2, 2010

3r34 i didnt get the "joke" Reply

Anonymous Monsey July 4, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

Joke? Who said there was a joke, or I just didn't get the joke either? Reply

Profser YIDIS G. N.Y., US February 2, 2010

Talking Candle ? Very Interesting. I'll Be Calling PROFSER SHINTEZAL...A VERY GOOD PROFSER. Reply

Anonymous December 19, 2009

cool very very funny I love the joke Reply

shaina morristown, nj via November 30, 2009

heheheheh i am laughing now i just fell off my chair i got the highest stage of laughing hahahahha Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide, Australia via October 12, 2009

Great story! I really like that story because it has a live candle that makes re-e-ealy cartoony. But I would also like to know the real end that explains the rest of the story about what happens in the Dreidel Contest, and who wins it. Reply

anthony david cohen mira loma, ca July 2, 2009

kwel Wow, nice story! I enjoyed it very much! Reply

Emma Fox May 26, 2009

Shocking comment, Mr Anonymous (above) How dare u say that?!!
I think itr is fascinating, entertaining and most of all educating.
Don't be so cynical. Look at the positive side of things. Maybe for u it is boring but others would enjoy it!
Have a fine day.

Anonymous May 9, 2009

lolz its boring >=( Reply

david ny, brooklen April 6, 2009

very good Reply

liam caissie Exeter, On, Canada via December 21, 2008

I like this story!! Reply