Song for Parshat Metzora

Song for Parshat Metzora



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Speaking badly of others is not a kind act
For once you hurt someone, you can’t take it back
As punishment for lashon hara a terrible deed
The sickness of tzoroas, was then decreed

If a white spot was found on the body or neck
A man had to go to the kohain to check
If it was tzoraas beyond any doubt
From the camp of Yisroel, he had to go out

Seven days completely alone were spent
For the things he did wrong, he had to repent
If his t’shuuah was honest and real
At the end of the week he was totally healed

In eight more days if his skin was still clear
After bringing korbonos and serious prayer
He then returned to his family and friends
And was careful not to speak lashon hara, again

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