Song for Parshat Tzav

Song for Parshat Tzav



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In parshas Tzav, Moshe learned
That an aish tomid must always burn
The fire on the mizbaiyach was to be
Kept burning continuously

In each of us there is a spark of fire
To make the flame of Torah, burn higher and higher
Just as aharon the fire did light
Our Torah inspires us to do what is right

With a special oil, aharon was anointed
To be a kohain gadol, he was appointed
Aharon always understood
The importance of Shalom, that peace is good

The Olah and the chatos were brought
In the very same place, so Moshe taught
From this we all learn to be aware
Never to embarrass, for others you must care

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Menachem Posner for Montreal, QC February 14, 2011

RE: Question The Jerusalem Talmud [Yevamos 8:3] explains that the reason that both the olah (burnt offering) and chatos (sin offering) were slaughtered at the same place was in order to save the one who sinned from embarrassment. When people saw the animal they brought being slaughtered, they would not know that it was a sin offering. Reply

Anonymous February 12, 2011

Question I don't understand the last verse, Why do we learn from the Oleh and Chatos never to embarrass people? Reply

Menachem Mendel Meretsky State College, PA April 2, 2009

love it VERY good. very good song Reply

Anonymous via March 19, 2008

amazing! excellent!!! i love parsha songs! Reply

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