Song for Parshat Vayishlach

Song for Parshat Vayishlach



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Yaakov returned to the promised land
With children, wives and riches grand
Yaakov’s fear of Esav was so strong
Esav was angry for so long

Chorus: Vayishlach Yaakov Malochim L’fonov
And Yaakov sent messengers to Esav
Esav was coming with four hundred men
Yaakov davened to Hashem
For milchama we must prepare
He told his family, "Have no fear."


With Esav’s Malach, Yaakov had a fight
It lasted throughout the night
Yaakov won, the malach did fall
Yaakov’s name was changed to Yisroel

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Anonymous Johannnesburg November 27, 2017

Lyrics above are incorrect as per the song:
Yaakov won, the mallach did fail Reply

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