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Song for Parshat Toldot

Song for Parshat Toldot



© Copyright Cheryl Knobel and Rivkah Neuman

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Rivkah Eemeinu had twin sons, Esav was red
He was a hunter, Yaakov learned Torah instead
Yaakov was cooking beans, Esav was hunting
"I am hungry! Give me soup! Esav came in grunting
"Please sell me your b’chorah I’ll give you soup so red."
Yaakov told this to Esav, "Take it!" Esav said.

Rivkah put fur, on Yaakov as a disguise
Yitzchok touched his son, because he, had weak eyes.
"It sounds like Yaakov, but feels like Esav’s hands"
Yaakov received the bracha, of the stars and sand.
When Esav came home, his anger burned
Yaakov had no choice, to Lavan’s house he turned.

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