Jono sings a song about his favorite Chanukah tradition.

Jono’s Dreidel Song

Jono’s Dreidel Song


Jono's Dreidel Song

Jono sings a song about his favorite Chanukah tradition.
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Tzippy Maryland Silver Spring December 29, 2017

5 STARS I'll eat a dozen donuts then I'll eat a dozen more... I think I'll skip the latkes or else I'll throw up on the floor.
Rabbi Itche Kadoozy better fetch him a trash can if he throws up. Reply

Yisrolik February 26, 2017


Bayla sydney australia December 22, 2016

i love it. there is just one problem: i live in Australia and on Chanukah can really get hot (whew!)

anoumus October 6, 2016

the song jono is the best thing in the world Reply

anonyous October 6, 2016

awesome i love it Reply

Chana G. New York April 27, 2016

So cute! (Please explain to him the story of Chanukah so he understands:).) Reply

anonymous mitzvah613, torah via October 8, 2013

obsessed with this!! I love this song so much! Keep up the great work Jono!! this is pefectly hilarious!!! Reply

Anonymous OH, US December 12, 2011

yep, wasome! our family just found you this year. thank you for sharing your talent and sense of humor with us, and Happy Chanukah. Reply

Anonymous ny December 27, 2010

Wasome Last night, I was in the car, bored. I amused myself by watching the icicles fall down from the window. I remarked "Look out the window and watch the snowflakes." Then I started singing this song. The point of this comment is to say how I love this song. Reply

sarah November 25, 2010

I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it ip jono!!!!!!! ur great!!!!!!!!!! Reply

anonymous New York November 13, 2010

Hilariuos! I loved it! Reply

Anonymous May 23, 2010

great! this is the funneist chanukah show i've ever seen!!!! Reply

Anonymous potomac, md April 16, 2010

we love jono's song it is cute!! Reply

Esther Liba & Simcha Krause Passaic December 11, 2009

Dreidel all day-del! Haha! Dovid, I don't know if you remember us, but we met m-a-n-y years ago in O'Hare Airport waiting for a flight to NY. We actually gave you a ride to Crown Hts. from the airport. Little did we know then the GENIUS that lurked beneath that modest exterior! Yashir ko'ach and a freilichen Chanukah!! All your efforts should only be come "mit mazel!!" Reply

marshahenner scottsdale, Az. U.S.A. November 7, 2009

Hakkunah song to all my friends and family..... happy hakkunah !!!!! Reply

Lucy May 27, 2009

Hi Cheli Those words are "Plato's Republic stands no chance against me."
Plato was a Greek philosopher and his famous book was called "The Republic."
"It stands no chance against me" because the Torah is much stronger than Greek philosophy! Reply

cheli bigelman May 26, 2009

Song (to right it) i sing it all the time.. looking out the window watching as the snowflakes fall. looking at the candles waiting for my friends to come. I pick up the phone. say: knowbodys home I am going to play al dadel playin with my dreidel. cause dreidel is the best game in the world. those achent greeks tryed to take drediel away, "no jono that tryed" - they hate my driedel song but its here to stay.... "the achent greeks woulden't let the jews to learn torah play-do's republic chanse agenist me ( "what dose that even mean?" I am just like judah maccabe (no your not ) I will it a dozen doughnets then I will eat a dozen More. I think I will skip the latkas or else I will through up on the flour I will lossen my belteat choclate gelt I am gonna spend all dadel playing with my dreidelcause dridel is the best game in the world nothing is consadle then my driedel is the best game in the wold.I am gonna spend all dadel playing with my driedel take a look at my lucky spin I cant belive I just rolled a shin... Reply

Daniel Hafisov April 6, 2009

jono jono's hillarious!!! Reply

liba and ezra February 1, 2009

we love chickadoozy! oh yeah. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, December 22, 2008

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