Song for Parshat Pekudei

Song for Parshat Pekudei



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B’nei Yisroel gathered and they heard
Moshe told them Hashem’s word
In six days all work you must do
Shabbos is special for every Jew

Even work for the mishkan
On Shabbos kodesh must not be done
This job was done by Betzalel
Gifts were brought by B’nei Yisroel

They brought more than was needed
For the mishkan to be completed
It’s purpose was fulfilled
Now it was as Hashem willed

When on the mishkan the cloud appeared
The people knew Hashem was near
When the cloud lifted they could see
They should continue on their journey

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Anonymous Shaker Heights November 27, 2012

i think they are cool and interesting. Reply

Yehoshua harper rochester, ny March 12, 2010

This weeks parsha These are SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Tampa, USA/Fl. March 16, 2009

Parshat Pekudai my sister thinks the parsha songs are to babyish. Reply

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