Song for Parshat Va'eira

Song for Parshat Va'eira



© Copyright Cheryl Knobel and Rivkah Neuman

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The water is blood, all did shout
Frogs were jumping in and out
Bugs were crawling everywhere
Rrr, wild animals were a scare

Then came Dever by and by
All the farm animals died
Sh’chin, boils and pimples too
On the Mitzrim, not the Jews

Ten Makos, Makos ten
The Mitzrim were punished
Again and again

Borod was fire and hail
In Mitzrayim a loud wail
Grasshoppers flying quick
Then the darkness very thick

Makas B’choros was the last
Paroh ran to Moshe fast
He was afraid to die, so…
He said, "let those Jews all go!"

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Anonymous January 11, 2015

Nice! I like it!! it goes so well with the Parsha! Reply

nechama dina ny April 4, 2014

makos song :) Reply

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