Song for Parshat Vayeitzei

Song for Parshat Vayeitzei



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As Yaakov traveled the sun went down
He fell asleep on the ground
In his dream was a ladder so high
With malochim climbing to the sky

Yaakov heard Hashem’s voice
For my bracha, you are the choice
Yaakov traveled to charan
He asked the shepherd, "where is Lavan?"

Rochel said, "Lavan is my father
I’ll take you to him it is no bother,"
Yaakov stayed for twenty years
For Lavan’s sheep, Yaakov cared

Yaakov married Laya and Rochel
Their children became the B’nei Yisroel
Lavan tricked Yaakov, he didn’t pay
Hashem told Yaakov, "Go away!"

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Marcy Abadi Rhoads Dallas, Tx December 4, 2008

Thank you for the Lyrics That is so great that you now have lyrics! Reply

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