"It would have been sufficient..."


Dayenu: "It would have been sufficient..."

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Hebrew Lyrics: Ilu Hotzi-anu Mi-mitzra-yim Da-yeinu

If He had brought us out from Egypt, and had not carried out judgments against them Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had carried out judgments against them, and not against their idols Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had destroyed their idols, and had not smitten their first-born Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had smitten their first-born, and had not given us their wealth Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had given us their wealth, and had not split the sea for us Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had split the sea for us, and had not taken us through it on dry land Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had taken us through the sea on dry land, and had not drowned our oppressors in it Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had drowned our oppressors in it, and had not supplied our needs in the desert for forty years Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had supplied our needs in the desert for forty years, and had not fed us the manna Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had fed us the manna, and had not given us the Shabbat Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had given us the Shabbat, and had not brought us before Mount Sinai Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had brought us before Mount Sinai, and had not given us the Torah Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had given us the Torah, and had not brought us into the land of Israel Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

If He had brought us into the land of Israel, and had not built for us the Beit Habechirah (Chosen House; the Beit Hamikdash) Dayenu, it would have sufficed us!

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Anonymous Yorba Linda, California, USA April 10, 2017

Dayenu This is great! It is just what I was looking for with English translations. We will start a new tradition tonight! Reply

Suzanne France March 25, 2017

nice, can you post the text in hebrew with vowels for learning Reply

Anonymous TX September 5, 2016

Wasome! This is great ! I love it and keep it in my favorites . This is wasome ! Even my gentile friends love it. Thank you for the hard work you do for everyone ! Reply

carrie strauss Canada February 23, 2016

Thanks for all the time and effort you have contributed to this beautiful website! Reply

rachel March 22, 2015

amazing song Reply

Monique South Carolina April 11, 2014

2 thumbs up My whole family likes this song a lot! Reply

Anonymous Shanghai March 23, 2014

Can you post a complete recording of all 15 verses? Reply

muman613 San Francisco, CA April 3, 2013

Eight Days = Brit Milah (Circumcision) On the Eighth day a Jewish male must be circumcised. This is the Brit Milah (Covenant) between the Jewish people and Hashem. This covenant was entered into by our Forefather Abraham (Avraham Avinu) and has been continuously practiced by the children of Abraham for over 4000 years. The number eight according to Jewish mysticism represents the 'SUPER-RATIONAL' and beyond our capacity to understand.

I hope this answers some questions. Reply

Eric de Jesús Rodríguez Mendoza Barranquilla, Colombia March 6, 2013

Transliteration with corrections: 'Ilu hotzi'anu mimitzráyim velo' 'asáh bahem shfatim, dayenu!
'ilu 'asáh bahem shfatim velo' 'asáh be'eloheyhem, dayenu!
'ilu 'asáh be'eloheyhem velo' harag 'et bejoreyjem, dayenu!
'ilu harag 'et bejoreyhem velo' natan lanu 'et mamonam, dayenu!
'ilu natan lanu 'et mamonam velo' qara' lanu 'et hayam, dayenu!
'ilu qara' lanu 'et hayam, velo' he'eviranu betojó bejarváh, dayenu!
'ilu he'eviranu betojó bejaraváh, velo' shiqa' tzareynu betojó, dayenu!
'Ilu shiqa' tzareynu betojó velo' sipeq tzorjenu bamidmar ('arba'im Shanáh), dayenu!
'ilu sipeq tzorjenu bamidbar, velo' he'ejilanu 'et haMan, dayenu!
'ilu he'ejilanu 'et haMan, velo' natan lanu 'et hashabat, dayenu!
'ilu natan lanu 'et hashabat velo' qirbanu lifney har Sináy
'ilu qirbanu lifney har Sináy velo' natan lanu 'et hatoráh, dayenu!
'ilu natan lanu 'et hatoráh velo' hijnisanu le'eretz yisra'el, dayenu
'ilu hijnisanu le'eretz yisra'el velo' vanáh lanu 'et béyt habjiráh, dayenu! Reply

Chandler Bridges Marietta, GA June 7, 2012

References to Bible The nearest chapter verse I have found for this song is Habakkuk 3:17-18. I seem to recall other verses. Does anyone know of other versed that parallel this beautiful song? Reply

Thom Milton, Ga/USA April 2, 2012

Dayeinu Always makes me smile and remember my children at the passover table Reply

Ziva Houston, TX March 10, 2012

Transliteration Dayenu

illu hotsi'anu mimmits'rayim velo'asah behem sh'fatim, dayenu.

illu 'asah vahem sh'fatim, velo'asah ve'loheihem dayenu

'illu asah ve'loheihem, velo'harag et b'khoreihem, dayenu

'illu harag et b'khoreihem, velo'gachan lanu et mamonam, dayenu

'illu gatan lanu et mamonam, velo kara' lanu et hayam, dayenu.

'illu kara' lanu et hayam, velo'he'eviranu b'tokho becharavah, dayenu.

'illu he'eviranu b'tokho betaravah, velo shikka tarenu b'tokho, dayenu.

'illu shikka taranu betokho, velo' sippek tar'kenu bammid'var 'ar'bayim shanah, dayenu.

'illu sippek tsar'kenu bammid'bar 'ar'bayim shanah, velo' he'ekhilanu et hamman, dayenu.

'illu he'ekhilanu et haman, velo gatan lanu et hasshabat, dayenu.

'illu gatan lanu et hashabat, velo ker'vanu lifenei har sinai, dayenu.

'illu kar'vanu lifenei har sinai, velo gatan lanu et hatorah, dayenu.


At least this is how it appears in my Haggadah. Reply

Anonymous Milwaukee, WI March 9, 2012

sharing with my grandchildren This is difficult for them, but I am sending my daughter-in-law "Dayenu" and "Who Knows One" for them this year. My grandchildren are ages 4 - 10. Please pray for them on their first exposure to Passover.

I must ask my rabbi what is the exact translation of "breit me lah" in "Who Knows One," as in "eight are the days of the breit me lah."

Thank you for all that you do in maintainng this wonderful website. Reply

manny makati, philippines April 24, 2011

dayenu what a blessing this song is! Reply

Anonymous Toledo, OH via April 18, 2011

Dayenu I agree w/Ms. B Brush! Reply

Anonymous Boca Raton, fl April 17, 2011

Transliteration I would love to have the transliteration for those that do not read Hebrew. Thank you so much. Reply

isawitz key largo, fl April 14, 2011

I just love listening to the songs and singing I love the site and keep it in my favorites Reply

Barbara M. Brush Ellenville, NY April 10, 2011

Dayenu So very glad I found this right before the Passover Seder. Thank you fro making it available. It is so comforting. Reply

Anne Adelaide, South Australia March 28, 2010

Dayeinu Absolutely gorgeous! Could we have the Hebrew transliteration please? Reply

fred hurst poughkeepsie, n.y. March 26, 2007

excellent information Reply

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