The Seder

The Seder

The 15 Steps in the Order of the Seder


The Seder: The 15 Steps in the Order of the Seder

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Kadesh, Urchatz, Karpas, Yachatz, Maggid, Rachtzah, Motzie, Matzah, Maror, Korech, Shulchan Orech, Tzafun, Beirach, Hallel, Nirtzah.

Sanctify, Wash, Appetizer, Break, Tell, Wash, Motzie, Eat Matzah, Bitter, Wrap, Set the Table, Hidden, Bless, Praise, Accepted.

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Anonymous melbourne March 23, 2017

question why is it in this order Reply

Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum, for Folsom, CA June 21, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

All the steps are things that need to be done on the Seder night. Kaddeish is the beginning of the seder, we pronounce the day holy.
Urchatz (and Karpas) is especially done at the seder to pique the interest of the children. We therefore do it early on, while the children are still awake.
Yachatz gives us a broken matzah to have at the table while saying the hagadah so as to be saying it over a "poor man's bread."
Magid is before we eat the matzah for the same reason as yachatz - so that the hagadah is said over the broken Matzah.
Rachtza/Motzi Matzah/Maror/Koreich/Shulchan Areich - All follow the logical order
Tzafun - The Afikoman, final part of the meal.
Beirach - the blessing after the meal.
Hallel /Nirtza - Hallel was said with the Passover sacrifice and is therefore said soon after eating the Afikoman which commemorates the sacrifice. Reply

Person via September 29, 2016

Am learning this at school Reply

Maria Taissa Lewkowicz Rio de Janeiro, Brasil via April 15, 2016

Beautiful Very cute Reply

Monique South Carolina April 11, 2014

from a 2nd grader "I learned the 15 steps by this song." - thank you! Reply

Anonymous Ny April 9, 2014

It is the 'belonging' I wish for. Lovely music.
I could feel its message.
I don't need to understand all the words.
You belong . Reply

Chana Benjaminson March 24, 2013

To Sara Beth The CD is called "A Singable Seder" and it's produced by Moshe Laufer. Reply

Sarah Beth Los Angeles March 24, 2013

I tried the link to this song and the site said it's out of stock. Is there anyone who knows the CD title and artist? Reply

marc hyman olney, md via March 24, 2013

sheet music/notes for songs you wouldn't happen to have printable sheet music so we can sings these songs at the seder would you? Reply

John Molaison March 19, 2013

Very nice, thank you for uploading this. Reply

Mark Bethesda April 4, 2012

this is great it would be terrific to stream the songs in order on Friday afternoon before the Seder Reply

karen boca raton, fl April 2, 2012

different tune Why is this CD sound different on itunes. I like this one so much better. Reply

Marsha Myerowitz Monroeville, PA via April 1, 2012

The Seder song This is very sweet! I have never heard it before. I like it very much. Wish we had a lot of kids coming for our seder this year. I would try to teach it to them. Reply

joe key west via December 6, 2011

music Although my understanding is not 100%, the music is very good. I enjoyed it. Thank you. Reply

Kevin A. Hiatt Sutton Coldfield, UK June 11, 2011

The Seder Just finding out about my ancestory, found out my surname is of Jewish origin. Trying to understand about what is missing. Music so different. Reply

Rivkah Alexander Grafton, Il April 21, 2011

The Seder I am Catholic, but Jewish in my heart :) I was talking to a Jewish friend tonight about the Seder meal he is enjoying this year with his family. I wish I could learn much, much more about how the Jewish faith contributed to my embracing of the Catholic faith. I love the songs and the stories and I love to read the Old Testament. L'Chaim Reply

jj calgary, alberta April 18, 2011

wow Nice and beautiful. Reply

Nancy Port Macquarie, NSW Australia April 15, 2011

The Seder Very pretty. Reply

Anonymous Lafayette, IN March 17, 2011

I am a Methodist but I direct a senior citizen community choir and if we include a Christian song or two in April, I wanted to mention that our Jewish friends are observing the Passover, so I needed to know more about it. The first song with the steps is catchy and would be an excellent way for your youngsters to learn them, I feel sure since everything seems easier with music--even our a,b,cs. We won't be trying to sing the song, however because no one would get the pronunciation correct. Wishing you a happy & blessed Passover as I will celebrate Easter. Reply

nathan jamaica March 12, 2011

nice Reply usa, usa May 19, 2009

good very good and peaceful music Reply

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