Joey: Mission Is Possible

Joey: Mission Is Possible

A Passover Adventure

Art by Paul Mary Fricke.
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Mussia Bukiet SALVADOR April 2, 2017

Hi captain america Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA April 8, 2017
in response to Mussia Bukiet:

Hi Mussia Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador April 16, 2017
in response to Captain America:

Haha Reply

zushi goshen October 27, 2016

For mms and gilad and Ezra of course not its just a story.

Anyway i love this store Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA July 25, 2016

Confused. Huh? He found moses' staff in his room?!?!? Reply

blumi BROOKLYN March 31, 2014

cute so cute! love these type of things!:) Reply

zalman March 31, 2013

awesome the story is sooooooooooooo interesting Reply

Dovid Drelich Edmonton albearta December 10, 2012

awsom If i would find moshes stick i would try and split a lake or a river Reply

Avraham Brooklin NY November 28, 2012

Great This story was really wonderful and pretty good. Reply

hanna ashkelon, israel February 13, 2012

very very nice comic i am a teacher from israel and i use this comics to my boys students to teach them the topic-nice way to introduce them the story in english Reply

Michaelah June 21, 2011

comic Joey has one big imagination.It's also cool reading about the miracles that Hashem made for us! Reply

shua san clemente, CA April 10, 2011

first time wow it was my first time reading this and it's great! Reply

Gilad and Ezra Melbourne, Australia April 5, 2011

Wow! Wow! Did Joey really find Moshe's actual staff? I don't think so! Maybe it was Aaron's? Or someone else's?

I love Joey stories. they're the best - especially about Pesach! Reply

mmv montreal, canada January 27, 2011

WOW!! Did he really find Moshe? Reply

Naomi b pennslavania , pa March 31, 2010

I Liiked it very much. That was very enjoyable and it made me chuckle at the end.! Reply

smilley esty woodmere, NY January 17, 2010

great :) !! that was extraodinary!! people who think that this was boring,messy and dull, must ALSO be boring messy and dull. :] but i liked it!!!!!! Reply

Levi Burke, VA December 11, 2009

AHH! That was WEIRD! (Apologies to those who liked and wrote it. Reply

jon October 4, 2009

nice job kinda short but i thought it was good.
:( i got to wright a sum. for school. uhhh Reply

tzivi brooklin, NY via September 29, 2009

pretty good the story was pretty good Reply

messy face August 11, 2009

Re: joey my room is super messy but VERY unlike yours! Reply

Rivky N. far rockaway, ny July 29, 2009

that was a cool story.i think i should b like that next passover!!! LOL = D Reply

ME FR, NY July 29, 2009

WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply