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Zoom Out

This Seder Plate
shows zoomed-in views of items related to Passover. Unscramble the letters around each picture to help you identify them.

Answers (Clockwise from top right): Feather, Matzah, Frog, Pharoah, Flour, Pyramid

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Kathyhenry Elizabeth January 4, 2018

I could not get it to come up to play . Reply

nechama providence December 11, 2017

whats the point in the game even Reply

jeff June 16, 2016

how do i win Reply

Mendel cotlar cary NC May 30, 2016

boring its so boring Reply

nechama providence December 11, 2017
in response to Mendel cotlar:

i so agree Reply

Kathy Henry March 6, 2016

From right to left it goes Feather, Matzah , Frog, Pharoah,Flour and Pyramid. Reply

name November 17, 2015

boring Reply

lilly July 18, 2015

how do you play it wout let me Reply

Anonymous Rockville, Maryland March 25, 2012

zoom out the answer is on the bottom. Reply

Gi-Gianna May 14, 2011

confused I dont get how to type what they are??? Reply

Anonymous markham, canada April 2, 2011

zoom out Interesting game!!! Reply

Anonymous ny, ny via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 31, 2009

zoom out you rock i love tzivos hashem GOOD LUCK ON THE GAME Reply

Anonymous Burke, VA June 8, 2008

Zoom Out Woah so awsme you gys rck Reply