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I Shpy

I Shpy

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chani labell Silver Spring November 3, 2017

it was so fun i found all of them Reply

613 thornhill, ontario, toronto, canada September 25, 2017

so fun I got all of them! so cute Reply

confuzzled confused land September 25, 2017


Ridge W Turpin Wayne Co., Kentucky, United States May 4, 2017

They spelled spy wrong. Is this the Jewish way to spell it? I actually am really interested, no joke. Reply

Chabad.org Staff May 5, 2017
in response to Ridge W Turpin:

Hi Ridge it's not wrong, it's the name used by this particular character :) Reply

... ... September 10, 2017
in response to Chabad.org Staff:

ya! Reply

Tzippy Maryland September 25, 2017
in response to Chabad.org Staff:

Yea XD Reply

Tova Labell Silver Spring November 3, 2017
in response to Chabad.org Staff:

yae xd Reply

Jewish Mom Bay Ridge, Brooklyn via chabadofbayridge.com July 21, 2016

Instructions Download the PDF and try to find all the items on the list above Reply

Hiram November 5, 2015

I dont understand. Their are no instructions to the game. Make sure you add instructions next time. Reply

Anonymous February 12, 2015

I'll ask my mom if we can print it out!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, looks fun!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Montreal February 10, 2015

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! cool game!!!!!!!!!
it was so fun!!!!
i got all of them!!!!!!!!!!!
GO CHABAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Were do you find this AMAZING game? Reply

Fruma belinsky Baltimore, Maryland via chabadofparkheights.com November 29, 2014

stupid How do you play? Need to explain better Reply

Esther Liba Belinsky Baltimore, Maryland February 23, 2014

how do you play? i don't get it! is there instructions? Reply

judy tawil April 3, 2012

how do u play Reply

Mushky Los Angeles, CA April 2, 2012

find clues I found all of them! Reply

sara brooklyn, ny via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 24, 2010

passover fun funny cute gooooooooood Reply

sorole March 23, 2010

cool its sosoooo good!!! Reply

sorole March 23, 2010

cool its sosoooo good!!! Reply

Kua LA, CA January 4, 2010

holyadays I LOVE PASSOVER . Reply

planet10000 planet December 24, 2009

i shpy i love i shpy. it such a great game. but people call i shpy in spy. why Reply

Anonymous August 4, 2009

cute Its so cute to look around and try finding things! i like the idea! Reply

lucy June 30, 2009

how to play 1) click on the spot in the corner where it says PDF. a few pages will open up.
2) print those pages.
3) try to find all the things that are listed in the poem!

it's fun! Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny via kids.tzivoshashem.org June 30, 2009

how on earth do u play Reply