A Blessing In Time

A Blessing In Time

Father loved to play with his little son, for he loved him dearly. Once he brought him a beautiful apple, but did not give it to him at once. As the little boy stretched out his hand to snatch the apple, father drew it away quickly. The boy tried again, and again the apple was way above his head. This was repeated several times in a playful way, but the boy really wanted to have the apple, yet could not get it immediately.

Now the boy was a clever little fellow. He thought of a way to make his father give him the apple at once. Can you guess what he did?

When father pulled the apple away from him again, the boy suddenly said the blessing over fruit, which he knew very well, as all good little boys should. The father had no choice but to give him the apple to eat immediately, otherwise the blessing would have been said in vain!

Something like this we also do on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when we fast and pray to G‑d to forgive us our sins. In our prayers on that day we say a blessing, praising G‑d as the "King who pardons and forgives our sins."

Now G‑d would not want us to say a false blessing. So He forgives us, if we really want Him to. But in order to receive G‑d’s pardon, we must feel sorry for anything wrong we may have done, and promise with all our hearts never to do anything wrong again.

Excerpted from The Complete Story of Tishrei, published and copyright by Kehot Publication Society, Brooklyn NY
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Anonymous nigeria October 12, 2016

very good Reply

Anonymous Mexico, Mexico D.F. October 7, 2011

Good story! Good story. I will use it for my 7 year old nephew....but it might be a bit little difficult to grasp for that age. I´ll try it !
Thank you! Reply

Moshe Tzvi Hamilton, Canada via chabadhamilton.com September 22, 2009

Great! This story tot me a lesson.and its Great! Reply

anonymous Rockledge, FL October 4, 2008

story this story is so amazing and it helped me learn a lot of amazing things! Reply

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