Keeping Shabbos

Keeping Shabbos


Keeping Shabbos

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Rochel Chein for August 16, 2011

Re: how do we keep the WHOLE SHABBAT? Shabbat is a wonderful opportunity to disconnect from the the hurried pace of the week, to slow down and focus on our relationship with G-d, our friends and family.

In addition to synagogue services, some communities offer classes and social gatherings on Shabbat.Your kids can help you cook special foods during the week, and on Shabbat involve them in setting the table and arranging the food for festive meals enjoyed together. Utilize the opportunity for the quality time that is so scarce during the hectic week; long conversations, exchange of Torah thoughts, Shabbat songs.

As mentioned previously, many games are Shabbat appropriate, and Shabbat is a wonderful time for reading and walks. As children, every week we would prepare a skit to present to our parents and the Shabbat guests. Can your children invite friends who live in walking distance to join the fun? Reply

maria marietta, ga August 13, 2011

how do we keep the WHOLE SHABBAT? We light the candles and say kiddish we have a great beginning to shabat. we go to schule when we can get there but how are we to spend the rest of the day? I have 5 children 5-15 and they always want to be busy. please help Reply

Rochel Chein for June 10, 2011

Re: I have a hard time Dear Harried,

Does your family attend synagogue on Shabbat? Some communities offer special children's programs. You can also prepare books and board games, and spend time with family and friends, taking walks and and having conversations. And of course, there is no better time to enjoy articles and stories from (printed before Shabbat.)

Taking time during the week to prepare will help you have a wonderful Shabbat. Reply

Harried bkklyn , ny May 23, 2011

i have a hard time I have a hard time keeping shabbos, I light candles i say kiddish, but I just cant keep the whole shabbos, I watch tv because I get bored Reply