Chanukah Concentration

Chanukah Concentration

  • Please wait patiently until the game downloads completely. Do not begin playing until you see the colored backs of the picture cards - or your browser will cache an incomplete Java applet, not nearly as pretty a sight as we've prepared for you...
  • Soon you'll see ten pairs of 'cards' turned on their faces.
  • Flip over any card by clicking on it.
  • You'll see a picture of a Menorah from somewhere in the world.
  • Click on another card to try and match it with its twin.
  • After you match a pair of cards the two cards will disappear.
  • Choose the second card incorrectly, and both will be flipped over, face down.
    When the last pair of cards is matched, click on the background and you'll discover what President Obama sees from his window during Chanukah...
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Mattisiyahu Akiva harper December 13, 2017


two best friends, U.S.A. U.S.A. September 1, 2016

i tried to do dancing soldiers and it didn't work!!( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( tell me why! gr8 web ! awaiting you answer, two best friends, U.S.A. p.s. get more games Reply

anonomoous bee December 14, 2015

nothing it takes so much time to load Reply

lala November 5, 2015

LOL Its so boring Reply

Mamabear December 6, 2012

another idea Place several things on a tray that are about Hanukkah. Show the children for five minutes then take it away. They have to write down everything they remember. Reply

Tony & Lenore Carmel, NY/USA via December 25, 2008

Chanukah We were at the lighting of the world's largest menorah in NYC last night and it was great being there sharing the moment with people from near and far. As the Rebbe reminded us of the recent tragic events in Mumbai, we have to keep the faith and keep the flames of hope shining so that good out does evil eternally!!!
Peace out. Reply

deborah lauda queretaro, mexico December 22, 2008

happy chanukah The play is funny. Thanks and happy holidays Reply

shaina December 21, 2008

tis game is easyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Reply

sharon kissimme, florida via December 18, 2006

jews rock wazz up happy holidays to the jews out there like me!!!! have a happy holiday season!!~~~~!!! Reply

Shani December 17, 2006

Enjoy Happy Chanukah. Love you. Reply

gooleman December 12, 2006

this game is easy Reply

moishy Albany, ny 12208 December 13, 2005

I like chunhah i like chaunkah because you get money and CHAUNKAH IS FUN! Reply

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