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Adolf Germany March 28, 2017

I love this game i give it 10 out of 5 menorahs. i shpy is by far the best thing ive ever seen in the whole world. My german pals and I play this while monitoring the camps. Thanks a plenty jewishkids.org. Aint no challah back girl am i right! Reply

Ravital New York August 5, 2016

This game is so lovely and dedicated to Jews Reply

Mussia (and Leah) Salvador July 5, 2016

Easy shmeasy found everything Reply

Bracha Molokandova New York City, USA February 3, 2011

i could only find about 2-3 things on the list i dont know how u can find all of it! Reply

mendel valencia, c.a December 7, 2010

i found everything Reply

mendel maastricht, holland August 11, 2010

i dont know why evryone is saying its so hard, i found evrything besids the map of isreal and a wooden foal in about 5 min Reply

Anonymous NY, USA via kids.tzivoshashem.org February 22, 2010

so hard i could only find 5 Reply

Anonymous mt tamborine, australia September 12, 2009

it is hard so keep your eyes open very wide Reply

carutherskids June 9, 2008

hey this is pretty cool! Reply

Anonymous hollywood, florida December 15, 2006

great picture Reply