Yaakov & Isaac: The Importance of Torah

Yaakov & Isaac: The Importance of Torah

Originally published in The Moshiach Times, a high quality children's magazine, published by Tzivos Hashem. Click here to subscribe.
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Mr. Spock U.S.S Enterprise June 20, 2017

It's important to care, look out, and be a good example to younger kids. Reply

Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars August 24, 2017
in response to Mr. Spock:

Yes! Reply

Jeremy Cebu, Philippines October 10, 2013

comics I'm 21 years old and I read this. Reply

Mrs. Hadassah Aber January 31, 2011

agree with wow!!! this is good to learn a story with getlechkeit in it. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny July 7, 2010

speachless. It's great comics. Thank you very much for them. Please make more of them. Everything is great.
beautiful drawings and stories. Reply

girl that rox May 16, 2010

OMG its so blurry. How can you even read it? Reply

Anonymous November 7, 2008

Wow!!!!! These are the best commics ever! Please make more. I will give them to my friends. Reply

Home Marietta, GA September 7, 2008

Nice That is awesome. I love the story. Keep it up! Reply

jack Gruenberg PARK RIDGE, NJ via valleychabad.org August 3, 2008

yaakov and isaac comics wonerful artwork and superb story. i get my 9 year old son to read them. Yet i love to read over his shoulder. it's Marvel Comics with Mitzvoth. Reply

Cheli Bigelman June 12, 2008

Nice story and a good comic Very nice story I liket it very much!!! good comic Reply

Rochel Cunin Reno, NV December 11, 2007

Comic Good Comic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous Montreal, Canada October 31, 2007

comic this is a good comic Reply

Menachem Mendel Engel Adelaide, Australia October 2, 2007

Good comic, also tells a nice story. Reply

zeldy rubin edgware, uk March 30, 2007

it is a great comic! Reply

Anonymous monsey, new york January 25, 2007

comic It is a very nice comic Reply

Shana Rose pikesville, md January 12, 2007

the importance of torah comic strip it is a very meaningful comic, and since it is a comic children will read it and learn the importance of torah and how the torah teaches us a way of life Reply

Anonymous July 16, 2006

Importance of Torah This one came in just in time, as my son has been "slacking" in regard to his Torah reading. He truly enjoys your comic strips and this will definitely help. Thanks for the help!! Reply

Anonymous Montreal, Canada May 25, 2006

These stories are very well written and illustrated. They really go straight to the point with an interesting story . I also enjoyed the fact that it comes back to a child's daily life.