Yaakov & Isaac: A Matter of Importance

Yaakov & Isaac: A Matter of Importance

Originally published in The Moshiach Times, a high quality children's magazine, published by Tzivos Hashem. Click here to subscribe.
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Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA July 30, 2016

GOOD STORY! Good story! Reply

sara santa fe, nm via kids.tzivoshashem.org October 26, 2010

they did they did make a book of all the storys of yakkov and yitzchok (i geuss) Reply

Anonymous Tsfat, Israel July 4, 2010

Need to be more clear Brilliantly illustrated, but the text needs to be more concise. If the woman were merely "sick" there is no justification for such labors on Yom Kippur. In the original, she is a mother who has just given birth, so her life and the life of the baby are endangered if they do not have food and heat. Reply

Schneur Z. Engel adelaide, SA August 8, 2009

thats such an amazing story, I love it! Reply

Cg April 13, 2009

Good job Good job you should make a book Reply

musia brackman October 12, 2008

good! keep it up! it is a very nice story but is it about pesach? Reply

Anonymous Pickerington, Ohio September 27, 2008

Wonderful This story is so touching and moving I love it ! Reply

ariella las, vegas May 18, 2008

very good very good lesson we must all learn to help others as the torah tells us. Reply

Anonymous April 13, 2008

very nice story Reply

Anonymous via lubavitchofedgware.com October 24, 2007

nice this is very good Reply

Menachem Mendel Engel Adelaide, Australia September 20, 2007

Yaakov and Isaac: A Matter of importance Very Good story!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous April 6, 2007

great illustraition Reply

Anonymous la, cal January 3, 2007

nice nnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Reply

Anonymous July 9, 2006

this is gold Reply

Anonymous May 21, 2006

yasher koach. very nice. Reply