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The Spider's Web

The Spider's Web

Originally published in The Moshiach Times, a high quality children's magazine, published by Tzivos Hashem. Click here to subscribe.
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Spider-Man Dallas, Texas, USA December 28, 2016

HEY, CAP!!!! Hey, Cap! I love this comic!! I do!! I do!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA July 28, 2016

spidey Spiderman would like this-but he's not my friend! Reply

Anonymous February 1, 2014

it was COOL(100%) this story teaches respect for all living things, regardless how small. Reply

Ricky israel May 26, 2013

cool,neat awsome Reply

sholom brooklyn, ny March 21, 2012

it's amazing Reply

priya madurai, INDIA February 3, 2012

i i really like it i really love the story i think it is very amazing, it teaches a lesson for everyone. You know that i won't like spider but after reading your story i really like the spiders. Reply

troy August 18, 2011

that was such an awesome story.... Reply

s May 3, 2011

how cute! ccccccute! Reply

ruth tel aviv, israel October 6, 2010

amazing! yes, "everything has a purpose" and everything happens for a reason. Reply

hanna machester, england September 19, 2010

very good exelent!!
i like it!!!!!!! Reply

levi tiechtel champaign , illinois via jewishuiuc.org February 23, 2010

wow!!!! i liked the story so much and it teaches us a lesson when you are small like a spider and when you are big you are like a web Reply

Miriam Columbia , SC December 31, 2009

i really like it Reply

Anonymous New York, NY June 24, 2009

teaches respect for all living things this story teaches respect for all living things, regardless how small. Reply

anonymus February 8, 2009

really neat!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous SD, CA / USA September 29, 2008

great I really liked that story because it taught a lesson about that everything has a purpose. I think you should make another story about life Reply

mirel marozov via chabadscv.com September 17, 2008

amazing!!!!! great lesson Reply

Cheli Bigelman June 12, 2008

I red that story befor but I like it really much That ,was a really nice story Everything dose have a purpose. you can learn a very intersting lesson from this story. I liket all of the storys hear on chabad.org its a really good website I proud that I know this website. and you can learn very intresting stuff. Reply

sruly mentz la, ca via chabadbw.com April 7, 2008

wow i liked the story alot i learned some stuff even though i already new alot keep it up Reply

Anonymous February 6, 2008

Amazing when i saw this comic i know the story even better now & also yup i know a story that even mice have a purpose! Reply

Claire Columbia, SC via chabadofsc.com December 7, 2007

I really think this story is good. Everything does have a purpose. Reply