Purim Gragger

Purim Gragger



To download printable instructions please click here.

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Captain America Dallas, TX, USA August 27, 2017

I have seen many Graggers, but none like this. Thanks! Reply

esther feldheim denver, co February 7, 2010

gragger adorable Reply

sholom Ber America, Buffalo N.Y via kids.tzivoshashem.org February 27, 2009

GRAGER Thank You Reply

golomb,sheffield! sheffield, england December 27, 2007

purim crafts They're really good and help for our cheder acctivities!!!!!!!!! Reply

Chabad.org March 5, 2007

Instructions Push the down-arrow in the gray bar to the right of the supplies pictures. Reply

Anonymous March 4, 2007

crafts You forgot to give instructions on how to make the item. Reply

Anonymous Mexico, Mexico February 23, 2007

Crafts for Purim Excellent!!!!!! They are beautiful and easy. Reply