Chanukah Latkes

Chanukah Latkes

5 big potatoes
3 eggs
1/3 cup of flour
1 teaspoon salt
oil for frying

Grind the potatoes.
Add eggs, flour and salt.
Mix well.
Warm up oil in frying pan.
Pour batter onto the oil in spoonfuls.
Let fry for about five minutes on medium fire.
Turn over and let fry for another three minutes.
Take out your latkes and lay them on paper towel to cool.
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Corlene January 27, 2015

My parents made potatoe pancakes all our life, I had no idea they are actually called latkes, they also always made walnut cake, which in reading the recipe for purim is very similar, they never put chocolate in it. Our last name was also Schwartz, which is a german/jewish name, which my sister and I studied out a couple of years ago, quite interesting. Reply

Fran Kingston, NY December 17, 2014

Re: grind! I would take the word 'grind' to mean 'grate'. Grin ding would make the potatoes too mushy. This is my opinion, I could be wrong.
Chanukah Sameach to all. Reply

Loreley December 17, 2014

Lovely Thank you very much for the lovely recipe! I added a big onion as suggested below (would surely have been nice without, too) and the latkes were great. Thanks again and Chanukah sameach! Reply

Tat March 15, 2014

method please How do you grind the potatoes Reply

Anonymous November 30, 2013

its amazing Reply

Fran Kingston, NY August 29, 2012

Re: Latlke recipe for kids Ooops, someone forgot to put grated onions in the recipe. With 5 potatoes you need at least one large or 2 smallish/medium size grated onions. Adding the onions might mean a little more flour might be needed due to moistness of onions.
This is how my mother made them. Can't come any better than that. Reply

Anonymous danville, CA,united states February 8, 2012

yummy they were so good Reply

natalie guilderland, new tork November 22, 2010

latkes you left out the onions Reply

Anonymous Shreveport, LA November 21, 2010

latkes sadly, i dont have flour right now and my mom won't let me go get some but they sound delish. I hope I get to try them sometime. Reply

princess walker atl, ga via December 4, 2009

there so very yummy Reply

Miriam Columbia , SC November 26, 2009

latkes i tried my Babushka's (Grandma's) latkes , it's pretty good but i like my teacher's latkes and i love it!!! Reply

Miriam Colambia, SC October 13, 2009

that is yum you can eat it anytime(only on a party). Reply

Judith Rubin Bayside, USA November 7, 2008

latkes Adding onion keeps the potatoes from turning black.
If you drain the grated onion/potato mixture in a clean towel you can drain the water very quickly and thoroughly then add eggs and matzoh meal (need much less now that the water is removed) and seasonings. Makes a white, light textured latke. Reply

Anonymous ft. lauderdale, fl December 5, 2007

latkes i also added onion' very good. Reply

Charlene Stahl Seattle, WA December 2, 2007

latkes My mother always added a bit of onion and we sprinkled sugar on top instead of applesauce. Reply

Anonymous December 2, 2007

latkes yumm they're delicious Reply

Dovid Sugar Chicago, IL November 18, 2007

latkes I always check for the recipes on there usualy very yummy. Reply

Lisa Providence, RI April 13, 2007

Chanukah Latkes My mother used vegetable shortening to grease her frying pan, but I don't remember her using flour - she used sugar to make them sweet! Reply