Yom Kippur Slippers

Yom Kippur Slippers



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mendel hein pittsford August 16, 2017

i made this two days ago. it was great project Reply

Tracey Stevenage, England September 28, 2011

Yom Kippur slippers These are lovely, I am teaching English Rainbows (Girl guiding 5-7 year olds) about the Jewish New Year etc. and they will love making these! Thank you so much! Reply

gavriella beijing, china via kids.tzivoshashem.org August 31, 2010

so easy it was so fun making the slippers and it was so easy, my little brother can wear them, so cute!! Reply

chaya August 18, 2010

:) ADORABLE IDEA!!!! AND VERY CLEAR!!!! Thank u!!!!!! Reply

daniela melbourne, vic via jewishmelbourne.com.au September 27, 2009

smart idea i made this for my cousin and she loved it so i kep making more and she colors it in sheee got like 1000000 of them in her toy box

it is a really goodand cute idea keep making more Reply

Pauline Cape Town, South Africa October 12, 2008

Yom Kippur slippers I run a children's group for Sufi children (modern Sufis who believe that all religions are worshipping one God. We try to observe the different festivals with the children and have talks in our temple to link the message of each festival to the unity of religious ideals.) I am going to make these slippers today with the group. Thank you! Reply

Rachel S S Montreal, Quebec October 5, 2008

Love this!!! I love this idea and I do it every year with all ages okay well not babies. but 1 and up and with guidance depends on the age. I just wish I looked here sooner because the print out would have helped out a lot. It's such a cute idea. maybe next year! Reply

dana melbourn, victoria via chabadyouth.org September 28, 2008

fun i have done it about 10 times coooooooooooool Reply

Yael Nehama O. September 17, 2007

Vary sizes I also made these and the children thought they were great. My daughter made them with her various age classes (inculding older children) and they loved them! You can easily enlarge the pattern to use. Reply

Anonymous Homer, AK September 29, 2006

so cute! These are so cute! I'm teaching kids service and saw these and they (the kids) can actully wear them! Thats just too cute! :] Reply