The Strange Guest

The Strange Guest

An Animated Story


The Strange Guest: An Animated Story

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alistaire bethesda, md, usa March 29, 2013

help the story might be good, but i cannot find the arrows. can you help? Reply

leeor corona, califonia July 11, 2011

the story is wonderful. oh my god! yofee Reply

sarahle January 13, 2011

i love it very well done and is this story true? and if it is its amazing even if it isn't true!:) Reply

Esther Morozow mel, vic April 17, 2010

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The story is well worded. I think I read the story before. Reply

mendel atlanta, georgia April 2, 2010

AWWSOME THIS IS THE BEST ANNAMATED STORIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Naomi b pennslavania , pa March 31, 2010

I Loved the story! I loved it so much. Thanks for the story. Reply

Mrs Martha Mudzamiri PALAPYE, BOTSWANA March 30, 2010

Comment to Strange Guest Great story of faith, I loved it! Am using it and telling sunday school children at our church. Thank you for providing such faith-building stories for kids. Reply

yosef March 28, 2010

cool i loved was awsome!!!!!! Reply

Mrs. Ellenstine Vandyke March 8, 2010

loved it! This was a wonderful story. It reminds us to always have faith that G-d will always provide. And if we are faithful, he will bless us beyond what we can imagine! Great story. Reply

Noam Slobodsky jerusalem March 7, 2010

I liked the story very much and had a lot of fun reading it! Reply

Zalmy Engel Adelaide, Australia via October 12, 2009

preety good Ithink the story is very good. Reply

Anonymous melbourne, vic via April 3, 2009

wow that was a wonderfull story but is it a true story Reply

Menachem Engel Adelaide, Australia April 19, 2007

The story was presented very nicely!!!!! Reply

michael sears via April 6, 2007

I like this story very much. Reply

Anonymous jeresy city, nj via April 5, 2007

Reader Comments the story was very nice and had happy ending Reply

Anonymous haifa, Israel April 1, 2007

very beatiful story I almost want to cry, it's wonderful story Reply

Anonymous montreal, quebec March 29, 2007

it's a great story and every time i read it's better than the last time. Reply

mordechai sunnyvale, ca via March 17, 2007

wonderfull Reply

Baila Thornhill, Canada April 11, 2006

Even though this story is for kids, it is so beautifull and actually could be read by adults too! It's a cute story with animated pictures and it was very nice. I like stories with animation and I enjoyed this one too. Reply

Avremi Umhlanga, South Africa via April 5, 2006

Story I like this story. I also like to read. I have lots of books to read at home but i have read them all and it is boring to reraed them again. Sometimes my mother gets books from the libery and my brothers and sister and i love to read the books she gets for us. Reply