In these mazes you'll help Refael reach the menorah and help Mom reach the kitchen to prepare the donuts.

Chanukah Mazes

Chanukah Mazes

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O[aleena January 8, 2016

with do you need to do in this game Reply

izaiah 1725oceanave January 5, 2016

this is hard because I don't knowhow to start I hope somebody can help me thank you rabbi Reply

Anonymous Ny , Usa via December 20, 2015

Adapted to all ages LOVE It!! Reply

Nochum Avtzon CO U.S.A. cincinnati June 20, 2014

Chanucka Mazes i finished all of them they are so easy!!! Reply

Anonymous CA March 19, 2014

Looks Easy Looks Nice cant wait to try & at #Chana Forta No one really cares any how congrats! Reply

Chana Forta Aventura December 11, 2012

Easy...and I'm eight years old! Reply

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