Make Your Own Chanukah Menorah

Make Your Own Chanukah Menorah



A note about this project: The cup cake holders used in this project should be made of tin so that they are fire retardant. Other safe alternatives might be metal bottle caps or other non flammable materials.

Warning: Fire is dangerous. As such, lighting the menorah should be done only with close adult supervision.

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Anonymous Woodland Hills, CA December 11, 2012

How are you putting the candles in? The mini cupcake holders will not hold them. We did something similar when my daughter was young.. A slightly smaller version. We glued nuts (as in nuts & bolts) with the hole in the middle the same size as your standard Chanukah candle. We used those to hold the candle. I stacked two on top of each other for the shamus. We then decorated them with paint, glue, glitter and macaroni. My daughter was 3 when we made it. She is now 15 and we still have it. Reply

Anonymouse america, new york December 15, 2011

Nice i like it ,i will try that some time soon ! Reply

Anonymous December 2, 2010

{I DO} {I DO} { I DO}

I Do For Sure!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Rey The Resistance July 17, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

I DO!!!!!!!! Reply

Finn The Resistance August 23, 2017
in response to Anonymous:

I DO!!!!!!! Reply

Menachem Posner for November 29, 2010

To Penny Click on the little red arrow in the lower right-hand corner to be taken to the next step of the "wizard." Reply

Penny kimball Houma, La November 29, 2010

Making a menorah I could not see or read how to build instructions or picture. Reply

Cordelia Sank Surrey, Canada December 16, 2009

Used it - great! I recently made this menorah with a 5-year-old that I look after. It was really fun to make with her - and whenever I come over to her house she proudly displays it to me!
Thanks!! Reply

esti alperowitz bournemouth, uk December 10, 2009

i think i can do it i am planing to do it but first i have to look for wood Reply

Miss Jubilee Haddasah Munozvilla December 7, 2009

interesting very nice i'll ask my mom if i could do it Reply

Anonymous kingston December 3, 2009

sounds cute will try it with my class thank u Reply

Anonymous Melbourne, Australia via November 28, 2009

Caution Please note that some foils are coated with oils that can ignite at high temperatures. I have seen foil placed at the base of chanuka candles ignite and the same with tea light cups used for Chanuka. Tea light manufacturers recommend spacing them apart (1 inch - I think). Reply

Chani Benjaminson, December 9, 2008

if you work in a school you should be able to get the supplies via your school for a decent price. The paint and glue are not expensive, as for the wood you can try getting scraps at home improvement stores near you, they'll probably be cheap. Good luck and enjoy! Reply

priya December 9, 2008

is is costly for the approximately 30 kids? Can you suggest where to get the wood possibly precut? Reply

Anonymous stamford, ct October 26, 2008

menorah that was realy creative Reply

Anonymous fairfax, va/usa December 5, 2007

menorah I did this on Sunday with my first graders and glitter glue. They loved it and the menorahs were beautiful. Reply

xxxx Oakley, CA November 4, 2007

Try this project using metal nuts glued in place of the cupcake holders. They work well as candle holders and don't burn. Reply

Elizabeth Holzman Brownsville, Texas October 1, 2007

I will try it at our temple with the children and let you know how it turned out. Reply

Devorah Leah Oak Park, MI December 10, 2006

Nice This looks like fun!!
I am going to try it tonight. Reply