Chanukah Connect the Dots

Chanukah Connect the Dots

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Anonymous anapolis March 2, 2017

try figuring it out without looking at the math problem

like when it goes up plus ten and so on Reply

me usa January 14, 2017

hey guys this game is good for little kids( around the age of 7) Reply

nosson Gourarie Brooklyn December 29, 2016

i do not understand this game or how to play it Reply

melanie December 24, 2016

i do not understand this game or how to play it Reply

Anonymous Candyland July 24, 2016

you spelled that wrong.
Anyway the math questions are too easy, you should make it harder.
I liked it only the first time. Reply

Anonymous May 23, 2016

I Can Figer this out in my head. It is Awesome! Nice Game Reply

Anonymous May 16, 2016

Mental Math for 6th Graders? You Got it.
I Figered this out in My Head.
But does it always have to be a Dreidel. Reply

Person:) YOURBRAIN April 10, 2016

I am great at math and I didn't calculate :D Reply

Avraham Moshe Lesches Montreal January 19, 2016

its a dreidle Reply

i would not like to make it known to strangers well do some reasarch January 19, 2016

I'm really good at maths I always get full mark so the game just took me 5 mins and in only 6 years old Reply

me January 12, 2016

it is a dreidel Reply

mathamatics master YOUR BRAIN December 14, 2015

very nice game, but it goes so slow! it takes like 10 minutes to fill out all the answers! (and i used a calculater by most of them!) Reply

Bill Wayne December 1, 2015

I love chocolate yaaaaay Reply

Anonymous somewhere March 12, 2015

why no comments? i love this game!!! Reply

Yehuda February 23, 2015

i don't really know how to do this but i want to Reply

Anonymous January 23, 2015

Your supposed to solve the math problems you find on the board and then after you solve each problem you push "next problem" until you make a Chanukah related picture. Hope that explains it. :) Reply

mike JR. kentucky December 14, 2014

I clicked on the game and it led me to the game but I could not click anything so I looked down and I saw the discussion so I went ahead and made this comment. Reply

Gelly New york November 30, 2014

I also like math.
I even like when i help with cheks Reply

Fruma belinsky baltimore, maryland via November 29, 2014

It is cute, but I couldn't understand what to do. They need to explain it better. Reply

Anonymous June 18, 2014

its such a awesome game! Reply

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