Simchas Torah Felt Torah

Simchas Torah Felt Torah


Felt Torah

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Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars August 20, 2017

Oh, so cute! Reply

Maureen California November 16, 2015

I sewed up squares, included the tops and bottoms of the Torah as well as the hair in the seams. I had my two year olds glue on the face parts. I made a model, but the children had license to put the parts wherever. We talked about the Torah during the project, read a story, and practiced something the Torah teaches us. It was a great lesson. This is a good project-you can do a lot with it. Reply

Jodi R. Atlanta, GA September 27, 2010

THANKS! My 19 month old daughter is obsessed with the torah. If I have the time to get supplies, this looks like a great project for me to make for her. Reply

Anonymous vallejo, ca October 12, 2008

cool idea this project is neat and it looks fairly easy to make. what a great idea! Reply

Rachel S S Montreal, Quebec October 11, 2008

Nice Idea I think this wouldn't work with a 3 year old class or 4 year old class because of the needle. But what I've seen in the other classes they use foam instead of felt and punch wholes so the kids can thread ribbon through it or they can use plastic rope called gympe. and fill it with cotton. That's just another Idea. Reply

Anonymous Forest Hills, NY via October 5, 2006

very nice hello,
shanah tova!
I reallly liked this project keep on doing a great job! I can't wait to make it!
hag samech! Reply

Anonymous Monsey, NY May 11, 2006

Simchas Torah Felt Torah I think that if the Torah has hair, it should have a little felt Kippah too. Reply

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