Yom Kippur Shana Tova

Yom Kippur Shana Tova


Shana Tova

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Anonymous somewhrere September 10, 2017

Yom Kippur is just like Shabbos but the holiest Shabbos of all. its forbidden to do arts and crafts on Yom Kippur, so please don't do arts and crafts on Yom tov. Reply

Anonymous September 18, 2010

Kids Crafts II love this project, and so pretty to hang up. Thank you for posting. Reply

Rochel Chein for chabad.org September 17, 2010

Re: Kids Crafts Shabbat and the holidays are days of rest, and we refrain from creative labor. This includes activities such as cutting and writing. You can read more about Shabbat rest here: Shabbat Rest Wizard.

Some ideas for childcare on Yom Kippur are praying and singing together, reading books, board games, blocks, and games like hide and seek. Reply

Emily Buswell CAMBRIDGE, ma September 17, 2010

Kids Crafts I was wndering if you could tell me why children are not allowed to do arts and crafts on Yom Kippor.

I have a childcare job on Yom Kippor and decided to plan the day around doing arts and crafts that pertain to the Holiday and the person in charge told me children are not allowed to do arts and crafts on the holy day? She never got around to explain to me why. Reply

dana melbourne, victoria via jewishmelbourne.com.au September 27, 2009

reply FOR THE PRESCHOOL KIDS i think they would be able to do it every child loves art and crafts my mum is a teacher they did it and they loved it Reply

Rachel S S Montreal, Quebec October 5, 2008

For preschool kids I really liked this project and I was thinking of doing it with my four year old class. do you think it would be something they can do? Reply

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