Honey Cake

Honey Cake

3 eggs
1 1/3 cups honey
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup black coffee
2 tablespoons baking powder
3 tablespoons margarine
1 teaspoon baking soda
4 cups sifted flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Pre-heat the oven to 350. Grease and flour a pan with sifted flour.
In a mixer beat eggs and honey. Add sugar and continue beating. In a separate bowl mix coffee and baking powder and add it to the egg mixture. Add margarine, baking soda, flour and cinnamon. Mix well. Pour batter into the pan and bake it for 1 hour.
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Judy Resnick Bayswater, Far Rockaway, Queens, NY September 19, 2017

I think it's supposed to be "2 teaspoons" of baking powder, not "2 tablespoons." Reply

Farah Sajid Pakistan September 17, 2017

It's easy to make it , thanks . Reply

cakengifts Delhi September 11, 2017

Wow!! this Honey cake recipe is very nice, Easy to make and full of flavour. thanks for sharing this cake recipe with us. Reply

Chani via mychabad.org September 4, 2013

Flour Regular flour not self rising. Reply

Anonymous manchester September 4, 2013

flour?? which flour? plain or self raising? please reply ASAP
thank you Reply

Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via mychabad.org September 3, 2013

Baking time Yes, you should bake it for less time. Check the cakes half an hour later. Reply

Gk September 3, 2013

2 pans Do I bake less time if I doing it in 2 smaller pans? I have it in oven now! Reply

Mrs. Chana Benjaminson via mychabad.org September 12, 2012

Re coffee So sorry about the delay! 1 cup of black coffee means one cup of water mixed with some instant coffee. Reply

Anonymous london, uk September 12, 2012

coffee It says black coffee, so I guess it's with water and not ground beans. Can someone answer the 1st question, as I would like to try it. Reply

Anonymous Sherman Oaks, CA/usa September 19, 2011

Coffee? Is that "Black Coffee" with water already? Or ground beans? Reply

Chani Benjaminson, chabad.org January 12, 2011

Pan A classic 9 by 13 works great, you can also divide the batter into two round pans, any size will do. Reply

NJGiGi Williamstown, NJ January 11, 2011

Honey cake you don't say what size pan to use. Can you elaborate?? Thank you Reply

shlomo la, ca via kids.tzivoshashem.org September 21, 2009

yummy can you mail that to me. Reply

shayna block san antonio , texas September 3, 2008

honey cake this looks really good!!!! cant wait to bake it!!
its also perfect for Rosh Hashana. Reply

Teresa Moffett/Episcopalian Orlando, fl August 19, 2008

Great recipe! I searched the internet for a cake recipe that didn't require milk as an ingredient (since I was out of milk)...came across this recipe...made the cake this afternoon and am enjoying it right now! it's delicious! Reply