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Chanukah Quiz

Chanukah Quiz

Test Your Chanukah Knowledge!

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Captain America Dallas, TX, USA December 16, 2017

10/10, people! 10/10!!!!! Reply

Joseph Vacaville December 15, 2017

I got 7 right. But it said 6. One was marked wrong? Reply

Jane Faer Alameda December 14, 2017

10 out of ten Reply

destiny school December 14, 2017

thats cool Reply

Captain America Dallas, TX, USA December 13, 2017

8/10...not bad... Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel December 13, 2017

The Maccabian Fight The festival of Chanukah celebrates not only a military victory but an educational one too. Although little is made of it, it seems most likely to me that the Greek philosophy and religion had taken such a strong hold on the Jewish people in their land, that the first activities of the Maccabees was to make a civil war to stop by force any more Jews taking up Greek polytheism. Having created a powerful body of returners to our faith, they were then able go about fighting the Assyrians and finally that of dedication of the second temple. (But nobody wants to admit this degree of internal conflict and slaughter.) Reply

Anonymous NC December 12, 2017

This shiksa did good!! 100%! Reply

Meilidia Simatupang Jakarta December 12, 2017

9/10!! Not even a Jew, but I observe Jew's Festivals. Happy Chanukah everyone!! Reply

Phil Hohnen Thailand December 12, 2017

I think there should have been more questions relating to the defilement of the Temple by Antiochus Epiphanies' slaughtering a pig on the altar, and other pagan debaucheries that totally defiled the Temple.
Yes one cruze of oil lasting 8 days was a miracle, but what was its significance? That G_d declared the Temple cleansed.
The Maccabees' victory over better-equipped and more numerous Syrian armed forces was an astonishing miracle too.
These were not trained soldiers, but Jews who'd had enough of the moral decadence introduced by This Greek general, who was a type of the evil one to come soon...

All the rest is tinsel.... Reply

Bobby Bennie Spring Hill December 12, 2017

Getting 7 of 10 correct I am glad I was corrected in my education, and surprised I didn't know what I thought I did... :-) Reply

Rhonda New Oxford December 12, 2017

Got 7 out of 10 right Reply

Snjezana Zurich December 12, 2017

9/10 and not even Jewish Happy Chanukah everybody Reply

Diane December 12, 2017

I need to improve but maybe not too bad for a Christian! Reply

ciciliana alonso acapulco December 12, 2017

I missed 2 😢 Reply

J Montréal December 12, 2017

It's not really a mitzvah like the 613 right? Reply

Stephanie Birch Bay, WA December 12, 2017

THE TEST I thought this test would be so easy. I missed 2, so I learned 2 new today. My Dad always told me that if a day goes by and you have not learned something new, that's a day you've wasted. Today is good day. Reply

adrian et nytt liv Jakarta timur December 12, 2017

I get a value of 7
This is great fun Reply

Yocheved NC, USA December 12, 2017

Add a comment...8 out of 10, Going to go back and do a bit more studying Reply

Patricia December 12, 2017

I'm a gentile who began learning about Judaism around two years ago. I got 8 right and should have known one more. I love quizzes like this and so happy I know enough so far to have earned a respectable score. --Patricia Reply

Krista Regina December 12, 2017

Loved it !! So fun to try the kids are taking the test too Reply

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