Take an exciting trip back in time to the court of King Ahasuerus and his beautiful Jewish wife Queen Esther as you watch the dramatic story of the Jewish rebellion against Persian persecution.

Purim: The Lot

Purim: The Lot

Note: Video may be frightening for very young children

The film was produced by Ladybug Studio and Spiritual Opportunity Studio. Written and directed by Moshe Khusid. Purchase the DVD here in both English and Russian. Also available in English as a digital download.
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March 14, 2017
So Mordecaiificently Marvelous!
I was filled with pride when I saw this even though I had nothing to do with it. It is so beautifully produced. The acting and the music. Sublime in every respect. I kept experiencing something like regret, also, however. I kept wishing The Rebbe was here because I wanted to see and hear what he thinks about this marvelous creation. Don't you imagine he would highly approve?
May our L-rd cause the distribution of this good and inspirational work and many others similar to it to reach every corner of the world. (Amen).
p.s. My favorite part was where Haman is describing to the King how to treat a man honored by the king. The actor did a particularly fine job there.
I just love this so much!
Thank you for making it.
M. Diane
March 13, 2017
The video was amazing!
Silver Spring, MD
March 13, 2017
This movie can be purchased on DVD or stream on Amazon and iTunes.
Please search for PURIM THE LOT.
The DVD contains a Russian version of the film. We are happy to produce more films like this one for your viewing pleasure based on the stories in the Scriptures. We can only do it with your support. Your comments are valuable. Please help us break even by spreading the word! Thank you.
Good Hope Films
March 9, 2017
Enjoyed watching this video. Should the young king be having a doll of Mordechai (might be like an idol).
December 13, 2016
The video is available to purchase on Amazon and to download on iTunes. Search for Purim The Lot.
Sugar Land
December 11, 2016
The video is very violent.
Please, can you make videos as proffesional as this but not as wild?
Mussia Bukiet
September 11, 2016
It is too wild.
Not for us...
July 31, 2016
my sister loves this video it is really amazing
necha gittel uminer
palm city fl
May 9, 2016
Some inaccuracies
1. It adopts the wrong interpretation according to whom Vashti was not executed but simply removed from the Palace.
2. It shows the plot of hanging Haman after the talk with the king about honoring Mordechai and after Mordechai parading on the king's horse, while in the Megilla it happened right after the first feast, before that busy night.
3. In Haman's meeting with his family about killing Mordechai, the movie shows only a few sons, while he had 10 sons with him.
4. Achashverosh tells his servant to kill Haman and only after Charvona intervenes to hang Haman, while in the Megilla it says that Charvona is the one who gives the idea of executing him.
5. It shows that Haman was strangled in the palace at the meal, while in the Meguila he was sent to be hanged
March 27, 2016
Same question as Anonymous from melrose park.

I checked amazon but it's no longer available to purchase.
Is there any way to download for my kids to view?

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