Purim Costume Theme Ideas

Purim Costume Theme Ideas

One of the mitzvahs of Purim is to give mishloach manot, food gifts, to friends. It's also traditional to dress up on Purim. Some people like to coordinate their mishloach with their costumes. If you'd like to do that, here are some theme suggestions and printable tags you can stick on them.

You can use some of these suggestions or come up with your own. The only requirement is to give one food gift and it should contain 2 types of food. So, for example, you could give a hamantasch adn a drink box, or a salad and some crackers, or a chocolate bar and raisins.

If you'd like something more elaborate, try one of these:

Tag Instructions:

  1. Personalize the tag.
  2. Cut tag, as shown, leaving a little bit of color on the edges. (Or: cut off edges to create a tag shape.)
  3. Punch hole.
  4. Thread ribbon through hole and hang from your mishloach manot (food gifts).

Fairytale Theme


Dress up like princes and princesses adorned with wands, crowns and jewels.


Seal a plain box or bag with a signet ring or family logo and attach an Achashverosh tag.

What’s Inside

  • Sugar necklaces and bracelets
  • Ring pops
  • King-sized candy bars
  • Grapes on a miniature silver platter
  • Cupcake topped with a crown topper (found at party stores)

Your Poem

We are princes and princesses,
Wearing royal, beautiful dresses!
Purim is our fairy tale,
Where G‑d caused Haman’s plan to fail.
He saved the Jews on 15 Adar,
Esther the Queen was the true star!
Have a Grand and Majestic Purim!

Click here to print the fairytale tags

Asian Theme

Costume Ideas

  • Kimonos
  • Geishas
  • Ninjas
  • Sumo Wrestlers
  • Asian straw sun hats


  • Sushi tray
  • Chinese takeout box with chopsticks

What’s Inside

  • Sushi
  • Sesame noodles
  • Rice noodles
  • Hamantashen
  • Fortune cookies
  • Sushi candy pops

Your Poem

Haman tried to destroy the Jews so long ago,
Today we celebrate dressed in a kimono.
We tie our hair atop our heads in a tight bun,
Dressing up and sending gifts with hamantashen!
Sushi and pasta, to be eaten with chopsticks,
Of course your good fortune we made sure to affix!

Click here to print the Asian tags

Fireman and Policeman Themes

Click here to print the fireman tags

Costume Ideas

  • Fireman costume
  • Police uniform


  • Plastic fireman’s hat (50 cents)
  • Police cap
  • Or just stick with your colors—blue and gold for police, red and white for firemen

What’s Inside

  • Jelly beans (red and white or blue and gold) in a clear treat bag
  • Mini donuts, soda, coffee, red hot candies
  • Fire-roasted snacks, or barbeque or chipotle potato chips.

Your Poem

Our public servants are out every day,
To make sure that you’re safe in every way.
A Fireman or policeman always tries,
To respond to an emergency that may arise.
Our human heroes keep us safe, you know,
But G‑d is the One who saved us long ago!

Click here to print the policeman tags

Superhero Theme

Costume Ideas

Find your favorite character’s costume or cape, for example:

  • Supergirl
  • Spiderman
  • Superman
  • Batman


  • Superhero character plates

What’s Inside

  • Super snacks
  • Nutrition bars
  • Gummy vitamins
  • Gatorade
  • Super-sized bags of chips or candy bars

Your Poem

We are the best of all the supermen,
At your duty, helping now and again.
We are proud to say we can save the day,
With our cape and powers hidden away.
Purim is the time of true salvation,
Mordechai and Esther saved our nation!

Click here to print the superhero tags

Cowboy Theme

Costume idea

  • Cowboy hat
  • Rope
  • Bandana


  • Straw hat

What’s Inside

  • Chips and salsa
  • Milk (with the picture of a cow on it)
  • Marshmallows
  • Tex-mex style food

Your Poem

We cowboys on the range are working hard,
Giddy-up we call to the horses in the yard.
We round up our cattle with a strong lasso,
Roast marshmallows and hotdogs down in El Paso.
We proudly practice swinging the rope,
As Haman was hanged before Jews lost hope.
Howdy Purim!

Click here to print the cowboy tags

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Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 26, 2016

Superhero?! Why can't I be a suggestion for the superhero costumes? DC comics are terrible. Great poem, though. Reply

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Can you reattach cowboy tags? They come up as something else. Great ideas! Reply

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Let us know if you have any questions! Reply

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