Learn how to turn a roll of duct tape into a beautiful purse to hold your Chanukah gelt and other money.

Make a Duct Tape Purse

Make a Duct Tape Purse

A beautiful craft for your Chanukah gelt


Make a Duct Tape Purse: A beautiful craft for your Chanukah gelt

Learn how to turn a roll of duct tape into a beautiful purse to hold your Chanukah gelt and other money.
Chanukah, Chanukah Gelt
Mushky Yiftach-Avtzon holds a Master’s in education, is the program coordinator at Chabad of Marina Del Rey, CA and founder of On A Roll Crafts. Combining her love for children, Jewish outreach and crafts, Mushky has taken her duct tape art to entertain and inspire children at over 200 Jewish centers. For more about her crafts visit her website: onarollcrafts.com.
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nechama providence December 10, 2017

thanks its a realy cute idea i gave it to my friend that is moving Reply

bayla gourarie Sydney Australia May 2, 2017

my sister knows you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has the same name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does the name Mushky Gourarie mean anything to you? Reply

Wolfbanana2016 Virginia March 7, 2017

Amazing You are the duct tape master! Reply

Sharon Fahey Goose Creek May 31, 2016

Duct tape purse Shayla and her duct tape purse and rose. I wanted to upload a picture but had no way of doing it. Reply

Anonymous July 8, 2015

especially the purim one
I never knew how to do the weaving thingamajig it always never worked for me Reply

Anonymous June 18, 2015

unbelievable Reply

Anonymous June 17, 2015

So interesting and amazing, I would love to know how you made the costume on the purim costume thanks a ton מה רבו מעשך השם can be said for sure Reply

Gabby June 12, 2015

so cool isn't it Reply

chaya katsenelenbogen maryland May 18, 2015

me too i tried it once and now i can do it by heart and i make them for everyone. Reply

u,rmyrtsynb4th ,d76k6k4sj4 March 31, 2015

i made it ! its so cool! Reply

judithberge Bethel Park PA February 14, 2015

Duct Tape Purse I like it too! Maybe I'll make one too... Reply

Lore Los Angeles January 3, 2015

Very nice, thank you for share!! Reply

Esther Liba Belinsky Baltimore, Maryland December 29, 2014

nice! so cool! maybe i'll make it some day! Reply

Isa Makaveiu Manama, Bahrain December 21, 2014

Plug-in blocked Mac is maxed out, no video playing, sorry. I would have preferred photos and step by step instructions instead. Thanks for the effort though! There are potentially many out there who are able to see the video. Chag Sameach Chanukah! Reply

Debrah Jonesboro, TX December 19, 2014

Videos I am on dial-up. Can you just put pictures on here also? I can't get videos. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY December 17, 2014

duct tape video why couldn't I open the duct tape video - purse? Reply