Join a group of girls as they learn to bake Challah for Shabbat.

Baking Our Own Challah

Baking Our Own Challah

"Rebbetzin Tap & Friends"

“Rebbetzin Tap & Friends” is produced in Israel, and provides fun and educational content for Jewish girls. Please click here to learn more and to order the complete DVD.
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Yehuda San Francisco CA April 19, 2017

Todah Rabbah! It is a great video to learn. Easy and clear. The Mischpachah love it. Kol HaKabod (Yescher Koach!) Reply

Anonymous Callifornia July 9, 2015

What is rebetzin tap doing when they come to her? Reply

Di Jerusalem December 28, 2014

I think it would be a good idea to have the challah bakers wash their hands before embarking on the project! Reply

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