Little Sarah must overcome a big dilemma when two voices begin whispering in her ear. Her father helps her make the right choice by sharing a story that made all the difference. (Based on Lekutei Amorim, Ch. 13)

Sarah, Pick Up the Dime

Sarah, Pick Up the Dime

Uncle Yossi Story Time

Master storyteller and educator, Rabbi Yosef Goldstein (“Uncle Yossi”) inspired generations with his memorable stories and parables. Drawn from the Midrash, Talmud and Jewish lore, his beloved stories instill a love for Hashem, the Torah and the Jewish People.

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Rivka Cotlar February 1, 2017

Hi Yocheved! Reply

yocheved schmerling Venice via April 4, 2016

great lesson Reply

podie March 9, 2016

Cute story! This story is so cute! I watched this 100000000 times! Reply

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