Be There!

Be There!

Special message to all Boys and Girls!

Shavuot is the Festival of the Giving of the Torah.

When G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish people, the Jewish children were the guarantors! G‑d knew that He could count on the Jewish boys and girls to make sure the Jewish people would love the Torah, learn it, and do its holy mitzvahs.

Every year, on the same date of the giving of the Torah, we celebrate this special day by going to the synagogue and hearing the Ten Commandments.

Remember! YOU are the guarantors of the Torah. So make sure to be there! (And bring your friends along too.)

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017, make sure to go to your local synagogue and hear the Ten Commandments.

Click here to find a synagogue near you.

Other ways to prepare for this special holiday on our site:

  • Read all about what happened to make Shavuot a special day: The Story of Shavuot.
  • Read stories on how people throughout the generations celebrated Shavuot.
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Marsha Levin Scottsdale, Az via June 13, 2005

Gratitiude This is the first time in my life I have ever celebrated this holiday and even known what it was about. I feel so very grateful and blessed that I have found Chabad and can now really understand what this holiday means to each and every Jewish person and others as well.
Thank you Chabad and the Rabbi and the entire staff for making this possible for me. Blessings to all of you.

With sincere thanks,
Malka zohar Reply