See who can track all the Hebrew Aleph Bet in record time!

The Great Aleph Bet Race

The Great Aleph Bet Race

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Mussia Bukiet January 22, 2017

Fine, good...
I dunno why I feel like I know you... Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA May 20, 2017
in response to Mussia Bukiet:

He He... Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA January 21, 2017

I AM Hey, Mussia! I am from New Jersey! We moved to Texas! I am Bella. I did not make that up, or anything else that I said. Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador January 15, 2017

I know Oh, u said that????
I am 10 years old.
Excuse me, in other comments u wrote that youre in New Jersey...
I know you r not Miri you r Bella or maybe u made up there too Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA January 12, 2017

COOL! Hey, Mussia! I'm not Miri Liberow!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Aubrey, Texas, USA! ( Aubrey is close to Denton) What's a Shlucha? I'm 11 years old. How old are you? I still don't like this game. Reply

Mussia Bukiet January 10, 2017

Sorry "Captain America" but I was in camp and my sister answered your comments instead of me I promise it wasn't me...
It could be that we're friends....
Where do u live?
I live in Salvador Brazil I'm a Shlucha there.
And whoever said Ï know where u live"are you Miri Liberow???? Reply

ANONYMOUS manchester,england January 8, 2017

mussia bukiet I know where u live!! Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA January 7, 2017

who? Who are you Anonymous? I don't know if we're friends! And Mussia Bukiet, WE ARE FRIENDS. We talk in the comments a lot. Reply

Anonymous December 30, 2016

good game I love it (ther is not suposto be a clue )ok?!
(hi Captain America! Are we friends now ???please answer me ok !!! Reply

Mussia Bukiet December 29, 2016

Hi Captain America ar wi? & I don't want to tell you Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 28, 2016

Hi! Hi, Mussia! Are we friends now? Btw I don't really like this game. Btw where do you live? Reply

Leah Bukiet 7 yrs December 26, 2016

3 min and 43 seconds had to recapture 3 letters score is 18 Reply

Mussia Bukiet December 26, 2016

I'm getting better! 2 min and 31 seconds. Had to recapture 1 letter and my score is 18!!!!!!\\
Hi, "Captain America" Reply

Mussia Bukiet Salvador December 16, 2016

Fun! 5 min 53 seconds. Had to recapture 2 letters. Score is 8.
Fun game, but they just give you letters you dont need. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn April 3, 2017
in response to Mussia Bukiet:

im 2 min 17 sec Reply

Hadasah Valencia Red Bluff September 27, 2016

The one that posted: "it is hard i cant believe it is only Alef Bet" is me! my name is Hadasah but most people call me Dassi Reply

Anonymous Red Bluff September 21, 2016

hard it is hard I cant believe it is only Alef Beis Reply

Anonymous September 16, 2016

The game doesn't work. Has no clue what to do ether, so its weird Reply

val california via July 17, 2016

fun this a fun game, thank you for making it Reply

Chana Bukiet Salvador July 5, 2016

4 years old I finished in 11 minutes Reply

mendel cotlar 909 radd January 20, 2016

cary nc Its so hard to catch the letters Reply

mendel Cotlar January 18, 2016

cary nc Im practiceig Reply