Mitzvah Bird’s mother sends him on an errand. Will Sarah and Avi help him figure out what mitzvah he is doing?

Mitzvah Island Episode 5

Mitzvah Island Episode 5

Mitzvah Bird Does a Mitzvah


Mitzvah Island Episode 5: Mitzvah Bird Does a Mitzvah

Mitzvah Bird’s mother sends him on an errand. Will Sarah and Avi help him figure out what mitzvah he is doing?
Mitzvah, Honoring Parents
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Sister Charlotte Bethany, Oklahoma May 27, 2016

MORE!!! Still waiting for more new ones! I have great-grandchildren that love them. Great teaching tools! Bless you Reply

Sister Charlotte Bethany, Oklahoma February 2, 2015

Mitzvah Precious! Reply

Anonymous January 27, 2015

this show is great i was trying to get my kid off the not kosher shows this was so perfect!!! thnx so much Reply

Anonymous Mitzvah Continent October 19, 2012

my 2.5 loves it! Thank you! last friday afternoon, she asked where Tatty was going.
"Tatty's going to mikva," I answered.
"Mik-va Island?" she asked innocently.

She loves to sing the songs, and we talk about Sara and Avi a lot throughout our day.
Mommy can also be caught singing "here on Mitzvah I-I-Island!" a lot as well.
I think our next family vacation is going to be to Mitzvah Island. Reply

Anonymous Thornhill, On August 8, 2012

Love these videos! Please continue them! My kids LOVE them and have been watching them over and over! Even my 6 month old smiles and watches it with fascination. Job well done. You can tell whoever created them really knows what they were doing. Pace, interactive parts, colors, simplicity, age appropriate story lines....everything is so perfect. Thank you!! Reply

Anonymous August 5, 2012

When is the next one? We are waiting for the next one.. Reply

Anonymous weschester, NY via July 23, 2012

really cute! who came up w/ the idea?also can you change the begining song?i know it by heart.
good luck!

sara and avi asuncion, paraguay July 15, 2012

its really great the video is really great we watch it every Saturday night
what happened this week? We can't wait any more. Reply

Paley kids S. Diego, CA July 12, 2012

cool movie This was a fun movie. It was the best mitzva island movie ever! Hodeya Michal says: This is the best movie in the whole entire world. Reply

Levi the Chosid coralville July 8, 2012

another mitzva Besides the Mitzvah of honoring ones parents. The bird did another Mitzvah by inviting guests to his house Reply