Sarah and Avi, with help from Mitzvah Bird, return a little lost challah to his home.

Mitzvah Island Episode 2

Mitzvah Island Episode 2

The Lost Challah


Mitzvah Island Episode 2: The Lost Challah

Sarah and Avi, with help from Mitzvah Bird, return a little lost challah to his home.
Mitzvah, Challah, Shabbat
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Ami Valencia 3 yrs old Red Bkuff August 11, 2017

I lofe it Reply

Anonymous ISRAEL January 29, 2015


Anonymous Chicago, IL June 24, 2014

AWESOME love them Reply

Rachel Swedesboro, nj/usa September 20, 2012

Great! my two year old son loves this show and it teaches him the little things he needs to know as a Jewish boy! Love the encouragement of psychosocial interaction and the ability this show has to engage all age groups! Reply

chanie hillside, nj June 25, 2012

thank you! my son loves this show, he wakes up in the morning and says, "mitzvah boat!"
please continue making them, it is a perfect length for him to sit through, and he loves the music and the opening and closure of the show!
well done!!! Reply

basya klein brookline, ma June 21, 2012

really great i think that this show is super adorable, and it is perfect for the age group being appealed to. congrats on another great show! Reply

chaya mushka m. la, ca June 18, 2012

very nice! i loved the sister challah's pink bow, attention was paid to detail, thank you Reply

Isaac chicago, IL June 18, 2012

I just saw your second movie.I liked when you let me open my eyes. I liked when the bird came again because I like the way he says tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet. I also liked when the little challah was lonely because he looked sad. We got to watch the second one right after the first one. Good job. Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL June 17, 2012

Adorable and age-appropriate Speaking as an educator, I love the interactive component, clarity, pace, sweetness, visual to verbal connections, content, recap, everything! What a gift! Reply

pittsburgher Pittsburgh, PA June 17, 2012

Go Teibel and Yisroel and Abba! You guys are adorable! Great Job!!! Reply

Anonymous June 14, 2012

wow so quick! Reply