The famous story from the Midrash about how Abraham destroyed the idols in his father's shop. An excerpt from the full DVD “Young Abraham”.

Young Abraham

Young Abraham

Smashing Idols


Young Abraham: Smashing Idols

The famous story from the Midrash about how Abraham destroyed the idols in his father's shop. An excerpt from the full DVD “Young Abraham”.
Abraham, Terah
Index of Sources
  • Terach leaves idol shop and Avram had to take over. “The bigger the idol the higher the price!” – Midrash HaGadol Bereishis 11:28
  • Avram hit a hammer on idols heads. “Do you want this one or that one?” – Midrash HaGadol Bereishis 12:1
  • “I’m 60 and I want an idol!” “You want a one-day old idol?” – Bereishis Rabbah 38:8 (19)
  • “Thieves stole my idol!” “Can’t your idol protect itself?” The guy serves G‑d after Avram says the thieves will return your things to you and they are returned. He tells many people what Avram did, and Nimrod has him killed – Bereishis Rabbah 38:19, Beis HaMidrash Cheder 1
  • Avram broke all the idols and placed a hammer in the biggest ones hand. Conversation with Terach – Bereishis Rabbah 38:8 (19), Midrash HaGadol Bereishis, SH

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TCTV australia July 17, 2017

Can't they make more of this series? Reply

TCTV australia May 23, 2017

Awesome! Reply

yechiel michel piekarski usa, brooklyn, new york, crown heights May 4, 2017

it's not good to only advertise his arrest-or some non-religious people might chas v'sholom think that that was the end of avrohom avinu. also, when avrohom bows down in the furnace, the hava-amina is that chas v'sholom he's bowing down to nimrod. otherwise, it is a beautiful blend of midrashim. if you ever get the time, please answer me (email address listed below). Reply

musssia February 25, 2017

yeah its good for little kids!!!!! Reply

Abraham July 2, 2016

Theme I would really like to find the theme song to this. Any help? Reply

Rivkah Cotlar Cary N.C. December 27, 2015

keep it up great and amazing video we showed this video to are campers on a rainy day and for parshas lech lacha, perfect, because I am a shlucha Reply

Anonymous November 25, 2014

got it i have this on dvd. love! Reply

lamberger strasbourg October 26, 2014

i'm very happy to see this video, it's really a good chinuch for our children... But I'm french and my children don't understand english. Is it possible to have the same video in french ? !
thank you very much for this video Reply

anonymous January 4, 2014

GREAT!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous storrs, mansfield CT July 2, 2013

Midrash is educational it helps you understand Chumash better. Reply

James More Morris, IL October 12, 2012

Evolution of creation Our children grow up to explore the world. Good that Abraham questions the manufacture of idols. What good are they if they do nothing? Reply

Christopher Natale 76126, TX October 10, 2012

Great Animation and Adaptation. I would like to see these on Sunday morning scheduling. Reply

Anonymous September 16, 2012

The age of Avraham Wasn't Avraham 3 when he smashed his father's idol shop? Or am I getting that mixed up with when Avraham realized the existence of Hashem? Reply

Batya brooklyn, New York May 17, 2012

we want more! we bought this video - and love it!!! its so amazing the whole family enjoys it - over and over again.. and it really helps give life to the stories we learn ... We hope the producers of this video will make more like it .. We cant wait to get our hands on some more!! Reply

Anonymous Bolingbrook, USA February 21, 2012

Abraham brakes idol Response to the anonymous comments, It may not be in the Torah but it is in the Midrash and the Talmud(Everyman's Talmud, Abraham Cohen) tells many story front Talmud in easy way to understand . Torah is as a Ocean of hidden mysteries you just have to diving in to discover or as well is Ike a mine of hidden treasury you must you must put effort on to brake the hardness of the rocks to ind that treasury! Reply

Misael Chavez chicago, ill. February 2, 2012

young avraham We bought it last night online... and saw it. It is unbelievable. Its hard to even imagine Reply

Anonymous north miami beach, florida December 4, 2011

full movie we need the full movie posted Reply

Tzippy Maryland September 27, 2017
in response to Anonymous:


Meir Chicago, IL November 16, 2011

Midrash Didn't you see the midrashic sources posted right underneath the scene. This seems pretty accurate according to the MIdrash. Reply

Anonymous Thornhill, Ontario November 9, 2011

this is true! look in the chumash and youll see it! Reply

Anonymous Saint Louis, MO November 9, 2011

No thanks Midrash or not, I prefer to keep my kids into the Torah and not into things that may or may not be true based on tradition. Reply

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