Purim Guide

Purim Guide

Hear the Megillah!

Hear the complete story of how Mordechai and Queen Esther helped save the Jewish people from the hands of the wicked Haman. Once at night and a second time on Purim day.

Give Gifts of Food!

Purim is a day we show extra special friendship to our friends. Send your friends gifts of food that include at least two different types of food. For example: fruits and candies; cookies and a bottle of juice; etc.

Give Tzedakah (Charity)!

Give some money to two poor people (or more), or put at least two coins in your favorite charity box.

Eat and Rejoice!

Participate in a festive meal on Purim afternoon. Sit together with your family and friends, sing Jewish songs, tell the story of Purim, and be merry!

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Discussion (18)
February 4, 2017
Answer to question
Hey, Anonymous! You should totally look in the recipe section when you click on Purim. That might help.
Dallas, Texas, USA
March 5, 2014
What kinds of foods do we eat on Purim besides humantashin:)
February 10, 2013
why are there costumes?
even yisroel
Tamarac FL
February 10, 2013
answer to costume contest
There are four reasons why we dress up on Purim.
1)just like dressing up changes who we are, on Purim the saddest situation got changed to the happiest one!
2)to remember how Ester didn't reveal who she truely was.
3)to hint at how G-d's name is not mentioned throughout the whole Megila
4)to hint at the fact that when giving to the poor we should give in a hidden way so as not to embarrass them.
Sorry, forgot the source!
March 14, 2012
Re: Interesting
It is the practical actions that we take that bring the Purim story and its lessons to life year after year, reminding us to focus on the amazing miracles that G-d performs for us. When we give gifts of friendship and reach out to the needy, we partner with G-d in making this world a better place.
Rochel Chein for chabad.org
March 12, 2012
Costume Contest
I am wanting to learn about Jewish holidays. Much is understandable, but I am puzzled about the costume contest. Is there a reason behind the costumes? Is there a theme that costumes portray? Dress as anything???
Randolph, VT
March 10, 2012
It is amazing to me how we can take the story of G-D raising up Esther to marry a Persian,( an Iranian...amazing for sure) and how she bravely told him who she was in order to save the Jews....to wearing costumes, buying gifts, and partying. The amazing work of G-d in our lives gets pushed to the side for a side show! When will we give our G-d our praise and worship for the awesome interventions in our daily lives? He loves us dearly. Lets focus on Him and nothing else; He deserves nothing less.
San Diego, CA, USA
March 4, 2012
Very helpful guide
san diego
February 26, 2012
I was brought up Jewish until the age of 8 and I was sent to live with a new family this site has helped me rediscover my roots. Thank you!
Linzi Cornwall
Cornwall, ----------
March 15, 2011
The Book of Esther is part of the third category, Ketuvim also knows as Scriptures. You can view the entire Tanach in English translation at this link: chabad.org/63255
Chani Benjaminson, chabad.org

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