I am Haman, a proud Amalekite,
Jews don't like me, hate my sight.
I hate children, and children hate me,
Especially those that say Mode Ani.
I planned to kill them; what a plot!
Then came Mordechai, and look what I've got!
I made for him a gallows fifty cubits tall,
But they hanged me instead, with my sons all.
But now and again from the grave rise I
In the person of Hitler or other such guy.
I try my luck to kill a few Jews,
But pity the fool that steps in my shoes.
Yet, if not for me, you'd be in school today,
So give me a hand, and hurray!

From "Lots of Purim", Published and Copyright by Kehot Publication Society
Illustration by Mendy Lewis
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February 4, 2017
Haman is a very bad man and am sure hanging him was the best thing to do.
September 11, 2015
yah...it's been a long time since the first comment- 8 years. At that time I was in pre school. So sad.
New Jersey
May 2, 2013
Stalin was the Haman of the 50's. He died on the die of Purim, March 9 1953. When his decree was suppose to take place to kill 3 million Jews. Oh how the Lord works...
Lebanon, a
February 27, 2011
I hate haman because he wanted to kill the jews and I'am a jew.
clear lake, texas
July 8, 2009
why do you hate children
January 20, 2009
Haman was a very bad person. He was Amalekite. He was used the king and almost killed all the Jews. He didn't like the Jews and if Mordechia hadn't told Queen Esther to say something to the King the Jews would be killed. So the gallow he built to use for Mordechia the used for him. That is why Jews are alive today.
Elijah Wieberdink
Mpls, MN
February 13, 2008
He means that if not for Haman who wanted to kill the Jewish people, the Purim story would have never happened, Purim wouldn't be a holiday and we wouldn't have vacation on that day !
Chani Benjaminson, Chabad.org
February 11, 2008
What does he mean, "Yet, if not for me, you'd be in school today"?????
February 5, 2008
I wonder why Haman hates children? He should at least try to be nice. And be nice to everyone,HAMAN!
Lily Kivens
Savage, MN
January 17, 2008
ha ha ha ha
his nose is HUGE ha ha ha ha
cedarhurst, ny

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