Chanukah Word Search

Chanukah Word Search

  • After the game is downloaded, you should see a wordsearch grid on the left and a list of Chanukah-related words on the right.
  • These words are hidden in the grid, running frontwards and backwards, vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
  • Click on a letter inside the gray grid to begin selecting a word and, with your cursor, pull the yellow border around the letters you pick.
  • Watch the words you discover in the grid disappear from the list on the right.
  • Reload your browser to generate a brand-new layout!
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deana canada via April 22, 2016

how do you play? Reply

Anonymous April 8, 2016


moshe ashland, oregon April 1, 2011

i won 2 times its so fun Reply

moshe zwiebel ashland , oregon January 24, 2011

i won evrything Reply

yisrolik korf mb , fl usa via January 17, 2010

this game is 1 of the best games. Every time i go on '''' i always go to the ''chanuka word search''

p.s its fun really fun for me. Reply

yisrolik mb, fl via December 17, 2009

fun,hard and keeps my brain running Reply

sara malka preatoria, south africa via July 14, 2009

i love all wordsearches and this is one of my best!!!!!!! Reply

nicole and caterina lakewood, new jersey baby December 8, 2008

out of all the games i have played i really dont get this on Reply

mbg brooklyn, ny November 14, 2007

i think the pure word was hard to find Reply

Anonymous henderson, ky May 2, 2007

i think that the word search was really easy! But on the same hand it was really fun!! Reply

Poogle Mac-Bean December 20, 2006

It needs to be harder to find some of the words. Reply

Esther K longmeadow, MA December 14, 2006

I printed out several versions of the word search to use for a contest for a Chanukah party, thanks for the availibility of the game section. Reply

Neal Medjes Buffalo Grove, IL via December 13, 2006

The kids and I really enjoy the website and all of the games. Reply

mds phila, PA December 7, 2006

Transition times in life, when turmoil seems to be the norm, are the least likely times that we take the time to celebrate joyously, faithful holidays. There are times when we "lose" our faith, don't employ it, doubt or just feel too weary to perform the acts, actions, which symbolize our faith that all things going on lead us toward our ultimate purpose, goals and comfort. At times when their messages are needed most, we are often too distracted to connect or indulge ourselves in their simple power of generation gapping, their intended transmission of historic, epic or idealized messages of encouragement's connecting effect.
And, if we are fortunate enough to participate, to "give it up" and go through the motions, well, where do we, who are on the fence, find authentic relevant material to immerse ourselves in.
Chabad Judaism has taken the realities of modern life, relentessly demonstrating the dimension of their, our, faith.
This site sincerely adresses us all, me, Thank you ! Reply

Devorah Oak Park, MI November 28, 2006

I could not find all of the words, but it is a lot of fun!! Reply

Anonymous boston, ma November 28, 2006

that was so fun
you should make them for all the holidays Reply

Anonymous Usa via November 23, 2006

i had fun playing! Reply

Rose Brown Leesburg, Fl December 26, 2005

I wish it had definitions for the word search, but this site is great, I love it! Reply

tami raanana, israel December 25, 2005

very nice Reply

Anonymous sheffield, england December 22, 2005

This chanuka word search is good because it's hard and makes you concentrate which is what i like to do Reply

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