Experience the story of Chanukah as it comes alive in this real life presentation. This production from the Jewish Children’s Museum was performed live on Chanukah in 2006.



A Live Chanukah Adventure

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Anna Virginia March 6, 2017

Cool and they also made it kind of funny, really enjoyed. Reply

mendel pittsford December 29, 2016

i whatched it at my fathers dreidel house event
it was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

shira achsah ny December 26, 2016

sometimes I tear when I wach Reply

Anonymous August 28, 2016

Pls can we get hd version? Pls Reply

Judy August 7, 2016

Forty years ago l played the song March of the Maccabee's for my daughter. Now l cannot find the words to March of the Maccabee's, I would like my grand-daughter to hear it, and march.
Can anyone help Reply

Anonymous Dallas, Texas, USA July 25, 2016

I watched it with my family, and we all loved it! Reply

Anonymous July 7, 2016

can you pleas post an HD version? this one is very unclear Reply

Yes, i want to post Anonymously im right here! June 20, 2016

great video! i have this CD and watch it every once in a while. by the way "Yosef" is rabbi benny hershkofitch i think i might have messed up his last name. Reply

Anonymous Milwaukee May 25, 2016

Best in the websites! Reply

Anonymous Toronto April 26, 2016

i love your videos Reply

Anonymous ny March 14, 2016

I love it Reply

TJ B) 6574 March 3, 2016

this is cool but long. :) 8] Reply

Anonymous no where December 16, 2015

in responce to mushky goldstein, of COURSE you can just call up a kid and tell him to sing a song he doesnt know! and you can tell hes wearing a white shirt. Reply

leejoy stern December 10, 2015

it takes a miracle
to tell this story Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland, New Zealand April 7, 2015

was it planned that, that specific boy sing? Reply

joe noe somewhere December 21, 2014

Very good and thrilling action! The maccabees were strong and powerful. I love it. Happy Hanukka. Reply

Aubrey December 10, 2014

Wow, This was very interesting. If only this is what it would look like these days LOL :) the kid singing is adorable at 15:14! Reply

Shirah TX November 25, 2014

watched w/ little sis...she loved the line: "I have one more thing to say...bye
bye!" Reply

Aubrey November 19, 2014

If this is only what it looked like back then, LOL Reply

Anonymous ky america December 31, 2013

it was great. could yehuda hamacabee come to my house Reply

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