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Kabbalah Online Magazine
VayeIshev 5776
Vol. 12 No.10, 17 - 23, Kislev, 5776 / November 29 - December 5, 2015
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
The Torah system of 7 "pregnant" (13 lunar months instead of 12) in every 19 year cycle, means that at the end of the 19th year, the solar and lunar cycles once more coincide.
Contemplating this concept should lead to an extra level of resonance when reading the 4th article.

Prophetic dreams are a major theme is this week's reading and next (six such dreams altogether!).
The first two articles and the last relate to this topic.

Monday night - Tuesday is "Yud-Tet Kislev," a chasidic celebration with important
implications for the increased dissemination of the Inner Dimensions and Secrets of Torah --
see articles #3 & #6, plus last week's story
 Weekly Torah Reading
Dream Interpretations are G‑d's business

Dreams preferably should be interpreted on the morning following the night they have been dreamt.
 Daily Activities
The World of Dreams

Kabbalah encourages us to see the messages communicated in our dreams.
 Baal HaTanya
Maintaining the Creation

The Soul of a Rock
 Weekly Torah Reading
Adam’s Lookalike

Rabbi Akiva's life was the culmination of Adam, the first man, and our forefather, Jacob.
Shining Sun; Breaking Moon

The names of the twins, Peretz and Zerach, represent two types of Jews.