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Kabbalah Online Magazine
Week of Beshalach 5778
Vol. 14 No. 18, 5 - 11 Shevat 5778 / Jan. 20 - 26, 2018
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
An exciting weekend. The Shabbat of Parashat Beshalach is also known as the "Shabbat of Song"
Thursday night - Friday is Yud Shקvat, the yahrzeit of (the Rayatz, Rabbi J. I. Schneersohn (sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe - see article #2 for a chapter of his death-day teachings) and
Rabbi Shalom Sharabi ("Reshash" - see article #1), the great Yemenite 18th century Kabbalist, whose "Siddur/prayerbook with Kavannot/mystical intentions" is still so influential today.

Next week: special Tu b'Shevat issue. [Here in Tzefat, at ASCENT, we will be celebrating our 35th annual Kabbalistic Tu B'shvat Seder on Tuesday night, Jan. 30.]
In memory of the great masters of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism mentioned above in the preface.
 Biographies of Major Kabbalists
Rabbi Shalom Sharabi -- The Rashash

The Rashash is considered the father of all contemporary Sephardic kabbalists.
 Blessings for Bounty
Start Getting Rich!

Blessings for Bounty: material, spiritual and emotional
 10th of Shevat
Offer Yourself Bosi L'Gani 5710, Ch. 2

Our service in the Temple centered around the principle of refinement and subduing one's physical desires.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Joseph's Bones

Joseph converted a number of souls in Egypt and therefore circumcised them. These were the "mixed multitude" that left with the Jewish people.
Journey Forth!

Our task is to sanctify ourselves and the entire world one step at a time.
Holding Out for Redemption

A positive outlook characterizes redemption-age consciousness.
 Mystic Story
Special Guest Treatment

A tale of a tzadik saved by a zealous disciple.
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