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Kabbalah Online Magazine
Vayikra 5777
Vol. 13 No. 26, 28 Adar - 5 Nisan, 5777 / March 26 - April 1, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
This is the first full week of the Jewish month of Nisan (3rd article),
and the week in which we start reading the 3rd book of the Torah, Vayikra (4th article),
which begins with a discussion of the varied offerings in the Sanctuary (articles 5-7).
In honor of the 192th yahrzeit of the beloved chasidic rebbe, Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua of Apt,
author of this week's lead article (and hero of next week's amazing story),
 Gender Issues
The Female Aspect of Adam

Adam originally included both male and female.
 What is Kabbalah?
What is Kabbalah? ...And Why?

The wondrous mysteries of Kabbalah
 Additional Torah Reading
The Original New Moon

In the month of Nisan, both in nature and in the soul, new life force and potential is about to manifest.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Large Aleph; Tiny Aleph

Moses rectified Adam's mistake…. We are all spiritual heirs of Adam and Moses.
Elation Elevation

The Zohar teaches that all of a person's divine service should be performed in joy.
Offer Yourself Bosi L'Gani 5710, Ch. 2

Our service in the Temple centered around the principle of refinement and subduing one's physical desires.
 Mystic Story
A Matter of Taste
The Rebbetzin cited seniority and mistress of the house rights; her daughter argued that she always does the cooking.
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