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Vayeira 5775
Vol. 11 No. 7, 9 - 15 Cheshvan, 5775 / November 2 - 8, 2014
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
A wide variety of articles this week, as you can ascertain by perusing the titles.
The lead article discusses a topic that we are frequently consulted about.
The second article contains the explanation for why thousands of people will pour into our holy city of Tzefat this Friday and stay for Shabbat.
You may join them, as well: Send your prayer to KabbalaOnline-Shop.
Four of the other five articles have varying levels of connection to the weekly Torah reading, which features the first Jewish married couple in history.
by Yerachmiel Tilles
In memory of three great Jews and dear friends
on the occasion of their 9th and 8th and 5th yahrzeit respectively:

Zvi-Yehuda Saks of Pittsburgh (see article #6)
Shabtai HaKohen Cobin of Tzefat
Chanan-Velvel Feld of Berkeley, CA

The first two on 14 Cheshvan (2014: Nov. 7) and the last, four days earlier.
 What is Kabbalah?
Kabbalah on the World Wide Web?

Why publicize this ancient as well as previously secret wisdom?
 Current Events
Abraham: Father of Separatism and Universalism — By Michael Fuah

Abraham is the father of the nation whose destiny it is to perfect the world.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Let Your Love Light Shine

Taking in guests opens up the spiritual source of blessings.
Sparks in Sodom — Part 1

G-d wanted to bring forth the souls of Israel that had been stored away from before Creation until this moment.
Infinity in Torah and Mathematics — By Tsvi-Yehuda Saks

Mathematical infinity is a powerful example of science clarifying a deep concept in Torah, and of science supporting a controversial Torah statement about the creation.
 Mystic Story
A Lesson in Hospitality

The elderly hitchhiker launched into a discourse about Abraham's fulfilment of the mitzvah of hospitality.