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Bamidbar-SHAVUOS 5775
Vol. 11 No. 35, 28 Iyar-6 Sivan, 5775 / May 17 - 24, 2015
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Welcome to our special Shavuot issue.
The first four articles are about the holiday, from a variety of perspectives, plus the story at the bottom.
Then there is one for the final chapter of Pirkei Avot
and one for the Torah reading of Bamidbar on Erev Shavuot.
 Festival of Shavuot
Seeing the Sounds

G-d rejoiced at the Giving of the Torah even more than when the world was created.
Taking the Fifth

A finite creature's ability to procreate an infinite chain of generations derives from G-d's infinity.
The Guiding Hands of Torah

Of the two tablets, one symbolized Heaven, the other Earth.
Roots of Secular & Religious Fundamentalism

The Rebbe shed a tear and then replied, "In whom do you expect me to believe after Auschwitz? In man?"
 Pirkei Avot - 'Ethical Principles'
6:2 The Divine Voice

The essence of the soul hears what the rest of a person may not.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Revelations in the Desert

Emptiness is often the greatest preparation for receiving
 Mystic Story
Receiving the Torah Anew

“Enough!” the Shpoler Zeide called out. “That’s the final blow!”