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Kabbalah Online Magazine
Behar 5776
Vol. 12 No.35, 14 - 20 Iyar, 5776 / May 22 - 28, 2016
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Welcome to our special Lag b'Omer edition.
In many places, Lag B'Omer is 'picnic day,' 'bonfire night, 'outing day' and so forth. In Israel it is primarily "Zohar Day," with 250,000 people making the pilgrimage to Meron and the tomb of Rashbi, the source of the Zohar teachings.
Articles #1-3,5, 7 offer different levels of Kabbalistic insights into this special day; #4-6 are written by Zohar scholars.

Today, Sunday is Pesach Sheini - "Second Passover," the Torah's most overlooked holiday! (see article #4 for its biblical root), so try to eat a piece of matza this afternoon before sunset in honor of the occasion.

(Those of you in ISRAEL should click to BEHUKOTAI for articles on the Weekly Reading there.)
From the founders of ASCENT-of-SAFED, our Mother organization
In honor of our close friends: Aaron and Nina Fischman,
Eric and Elanor Goudis,
Alan and Marsha Lee

on the occasion of their anniversaries on Lag b'Omer.
May they be blessed with many more happy & healthy years together.


In memory of Rabbi Arye-Leib ("Leibel") Kaplan,
on the occasion of his 18th yahrzeit this Tuesday, 16 Iyar, Erev Lag b'Omer.
head of the Safed-Chabad community from its modern inception
with his arrival in 1973
until his tragic untimely death twenty-five years later.


the soul elevation of
Rabbi Baruch-Akiva (ben Moshe) Greenberg,
Ascent's very first "summer scholar in residence",
original Saturday night storyteller and THE master of Chasidic melody,
who passed away four years ago on Shabbat, 20 Iyar 5772
 Lag b'Omer - "Zohar Day,"
The Kabbalah of Bow and Sword

The more one draws the arrow toward one’s own heart, the more distant and invisible a foe it can reach.
Rashbi’s Passing

On the day of Rebbe Shimon’s death, he revealed great secrets.
Rashbi: Basic Kabbalah Tenets

Encompassing the Infinite
 Pesach Sheini
Far Out, Man

The Zohar teaches that anyone can arouse himself to truly return to holiness.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Reading the Breeding

By misdirecting the passion for physical intimacy, one causes great spiritual damage.
Three Levels of Shabbat

At the end of each week, the worlds ascend to their original level and the spiritual light that was before the sin of Adam and Eve is then revealed.
 Mystic Story
Lag BaOmer Hospitality

A tale of a revelation of Elijah the Prophet.
A highly informative and deeply spiritual evening online — Four short lectures on aspects of KABBALAH and the life and passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, followed by a panel Q & A session. Entrance free but space is limited. Registration required:
Rabbi Moshe Miller: What were the secrets Rashbi revealed on the day of his passing?
Rabbi Dovber Pinson: Celebrating Death: The Light within Exile and the Revelation of the Zohar
Mrs Shimona Tzukernik: 'Dying to live' – Rabbi Shimon’s Cave as a metaphor for birth and death, and how this applies to our lives
Rabbi Amichai Cohen: Rabbi Shimon - Breaking the barriers, healing the hearts and uniting heaven and earth