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Kabbalah Online Magazine
Vayeitzei 5777
Vol. 13 No.10, 4 - 10 Kislev 5777 / December 4 - 10, 2016
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Our patriarch Yaakov desired to marry Rachel but wound up first marrying Leah--
Soul-mates is a hot topic in this week's Torah Reading, and is discussed from different angles in articles #2-5.
This is the first full week of the Jewish month of Kislev, the subject of the lead article.
For more about the 5th article, see Dedication below.
The story (article #7) connects the Shabbat date to the passing of a major figure in Kabbalah/Chasidut thought.
For the soul-elevation of R. Shabtai Teicher
who provided the commentary for the first eleven chapters of our "Shaar Gilgulim/Gate of Reincarnations" series
as well as authoring several other articles on this site,
on the occasion of his 7th yahrzeit this week, on 5 Kislev (Monday)
. --by Yerachmiel Tilles - managing editor of KabbalaOnline, and staff.
 New Moon
Kislev, the Third Month: Being Beautiful

The energy of the Jewish month of Kislev is the power of harmony.
 Love & Marriage
Soul Mates

Kabbalah teaches that a soul's heavenly source has male and female halves.
FAQ: Soul Mates & more

 Weekly Torah Reading
Naming Four Sons

She became convinced that their souls would not become separated in the Hereafter as she was his true soul-mate.
 Gate of Reincarnations
Floating Towers — "Gate of Reincarnations": Introduction to Chapter Nine

Destiny, reincarnation, marriage, and soul-mates are all detailed in the Kabbalah
 Weekly Torah Reading
Stone Pillow

Their argument hints to the two destruction of the first two Temples; their unification to the third.
 Mystic Story

“Although you are not a chassid, I still ask you to visit the grave of Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch.”
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