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Kabbalah Online Magazine
Pinchas 5776
Vol. 12 No.44, 18 - 24 Tamuz, 5776 / July 24 - 30, 2016
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
We are now in the midst of the Three Weeks between fast days (see articles #1-3), leading up to Tisha b'Av, commemorating the destruction of the Holy Temples in Jerusalem.

Friday is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Moshe Cordevero--the RAMAK--author of several major Kabbalah texts and predecessor to the Holy Ari as leader of the Safed kabbalists (see article #1).

The last three articles relate to the Weekly Reading, Pinchas.

(Those of you in ISRAEL should click to Matot for articles on the Weekly Reading there.)
For the soul elevation of Mrs. Ella bat Sarah-Yehudit Tilles,
whose 20th yahrzeit falls on 22 Tammuz / Wednesday night-Thursday, July 28.
 The "Three Weeks"
Twenty-Two Days

The "Three Weeks" are comparable to drawing the outline of a picture, which is then filled in with a full array of color.
Tammuz: the Month of Darkness and Light

The fourth month is filled with paradox, in part because of its infamous distinction as the beginning of our fall from grace.
Between the Temples

Kabbalah teaches that the Future Temple is a hidden beginning that has yet to be revealed.
 Other Safed Kabbalists
Ramak's Works

Advocate of Kabbala learning
 Weekly Torah Reading
Twice Daily

G-d considers our prayers vital to the world’s continuance; they are as important to Him as our daily bread is to us!
Repairing the House

The Zohar teaches that proper rectification of the soul occurs step by step.
 Mystic Story
A Blessing for Aliyah

“Go!” replied the tailor. “But continue to wear this overcoat.”
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