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Ki Teitzei 5774
Vol. 10 No. 52, 5 - 11 Elul, 5774 / August 31 - September 6, 2014
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
The weekly reading, Ki Teitzei, contains more of the 613 commandments than any other section of the Torah.
One of the more interesting, and unfortunately in our generation one of the most relevant, is the discussion of the Divorce and Remarriage laws (see articles 2-4).

There are hints in the Reading to the time of the year we are in, as well.
(See articles 1 and 5)

Next week: special Baal Shem Tov - Baal Tanya - Chai Elul issue.
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 The Month of Elul
Elul: Exposing our Perfection

Elul is the month when we do battle, as it were, with our deepest insecurities, negativities and challenges.
 Love & Marriage
Second Marriages

Kabbalah explains that a person has to earn his/her true soul mate.
 The Zohar
Tears Shed Over Divorce

The Altar cries with the divorcee's soul, left to an alien world.
 Gate of Reincarnations
Switched Souls — "Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Five, Section 6

Sometimes individual souls may interchange
 Weekly Torah Reading
Captive Sparks of Divinity

Apparent estrangement from G-d may be a hidden way of elevating the fallen.
War: What It's Good For

G-d helps in our battles to overcome negative personal characteristics.
 Mystic Story
Torah Hassles
“Rabbi, it happened such a long time ago,” said Sharon, “and it lasted only six hours—a stupid mistake.”