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Week of Deavrim 5777
Vol. 13 No. 43, 29 Tamuz - 6 Menachem Av, 5777 / July 23 - 29, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Sunday night - Monday is "Rosh Chodesh" (New Moon Day of the month of) Menachem-Av,
which is also the yahrzeit of Aaron, the brother of Moses and the first High Priest.
This Shabbat, which always precedes Tisha B'Av, has a unique name, "Shabbat of Vision." In Tsfat,

it is also called "Shabbat of the Holy Ari," because Thursday night - Friday 5 Av (July 27-28)
is the yahrzeit of Rabbi YITZCHAK LURIA,
the famous Kabbalist of the golden age of Tzefat [Safed] in the 16th century,
whose teachings dominate the study of Kabbalah today (see the first two articles & the last),
as well as influencing the development of the Chasidic movement.
Join KabbalaOnline in Tzefat at ASCENT, and thousands of others all around the town for the annual pilgrimage and Tzefat celebration.

The next two articles are for the Three Weeks of Mourning for the destruction of the two Holy Temples in Jerusalem,
plus another two for the Weekly Reading, Devorim
To all the sincere students of the teachings of the Holy ARI and his successors,
who are faithful in their attempts to understand and to explain the concepts
according to the intentions with which they were recorded.
 Holy Ari
The Holy Ari

Rabbi Yitzchak Luria was undisputedly the greatest practitioner and expounder of Kabbalah since Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar.
Ari Basics

To See the Fiftieth Gate

As long as we don’t have direct experience of G-dliness and spirituality, we are not well.
 Weekly Torah Reading
The Hypnotism Test

In the month of Av, says Sefer Yetzira, the sense of listening is up for rectification.
Secret Intentions

At the last moments before his death, Moshe extols the tribe of Gad for their deeply loving choice.
Don't Go Around in Circles!

There comes a time when growth means setting down roots.
 Mystic Story
The Match of "Revealed" and "Concealed"

What a great match!
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