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Week of Vayeitzei 5778
Vol. 14 No. 10, 1 - 7 Kislev, 5778 / Nov. 19 - 25, 2017
A note from the staff of Kabbalah Online in Tzefat
Our patriarch Yaakov desired to marry Rachel but wound up first marrying Leah.
Who was his intended soul-mate? Identifying one's "bashert" is often not so simple.
The first five of this week's articles delve into the crucial subject of soul-mates and marriage,
the middle three of them from the perspective of Kabbalah teachings on reincarnation.
(For more about the 3rd article, see Dedication below.)
This is the first full week of the Jewish month of Kislev, the subject of the 6th article.
For the soul-elevation of R. Shabtai Teicher, who provided
the commentary for the first eleven chapters of our "Shaar Gilgulim/Gate of Reincarnations" series
as well as authoring several other articles on this site,
on the occasion of his 8th yahrzeit this week, on 5 Kislev (Thursday).
-- by Yerachmiel Tilles - managing editor of KabbalaOnline, and staff.
 Love & Marriage
The Marriage Crash

Like a meteorite entering earth’s gravitational field, marriage and the family are disintegrating.
 Weekly Torah Reading
Romance and Reincarnation

Kabbalah explains how soul-mates sometimes reincarnate together.
 Gate of Reincarnations
Switched Souls — "Gate of Reincarnations": Chapter Five, Section 6

Sometimes individual souls may interchange
 Weekly Torah Reading
Mystery of the Matron's Query

Kabbalah describes the details of marital harmony and reincarnation.
When the Tweeting Stopped — Kabbalah, Twitter, and Tweeting (Part 2)

140 characters signifies the unification of Wisdom/Chochmah and Understanding/Binah
 Jewish Calendar
Kislev, the Third Month: Being Beautiful

The energy of the Jewish month of Kislev is the power of harmony.
 Mystic Story
Worse Than Poverty

“I cannot change my opinion, regardless of how you ask and what you say,” said the rebbe to his astonished follower.
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