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The Gate of Reincarnations

The Gate of Reincarnations

Sha'ar Hagilgulim

Beginner Beginner
The Gate of Reincarnations
Taped live at Ascent of Safed in honor of the holy Arizal and his passing on the 5th of Av.
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Discussion (3)
June 12, 2012
Convert reincarnation
How the convert fit the process of reincarnation?

Previous the convertion , the life of the goy was a reincarnation by itself? If yes, why is the reason a soul reincarnated in a goy???

Please let me know the source of my quesdtions in English. Thanks
Nosson Elchanan Eliyahu
Jerusalem, Israel
June 7, 2010
answer to Yochanan
This is discussed in a number of pages within our "Gate of Reincarnations" folder. You can type "convert" into the Search feature on, and click to the many links to Gates of Reincarnation.
Rabbi Yerachmiel Tilles
May 11, 2010
The Gates of Reincarnation
I am a Convert. As I study the subject of reincarnation, I often wonder how I fit in to the reincarnation process since I wasn't born a Jew.
Jerusalem, Israel
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